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It measures nearly 1700 Square miles. That's almost six times the size of New York City. Scientists expect Lee expected eventually to break apart Come on news time. 4 50. Now the Propel insurance Money updates ABC News Wall Street now Investors have ended a three day slide helped along by rising tech stocks. The NASDAQ closed nearly 1.8% higher on Thursday. The S and P finished up just over 1%. The Dow hit the closing bell just over half a percent higher at above 34,000. Also helping to boost the markets, the smallest number of first time unemployment claims since the start of the pandemic. 444,000 Americans filed for benefits last week. Ah lawsuit filed by Carlos Going against his former employer, Nissan Mitsubishi has backfired. Instead of the €15 million, the embattled ex CEO was seeking a Dutch court has ordered him to repay €5 million about $6 million in wages to the car companies. And Amazon is closing down its prime now platforms and directing users to the regular Amazon APP or website. Prime now was launched in 2014 as a way for prime members to get one or two hour delivery. Jim Brilliant ABC news or sinks a positive signs on Wall Street before the final opening bell of of Trading week. The Dow futures up 152 points that's just shy of a half a percent and the S and P and the NASDAQ or showing some similar mo mentum coming up after we check traffic and weather. I'm her wife's bomb with an easy way for parents to find safe, reliable and affordable. Used cars for their teen drivers. Homeowners time 4 50 Looking for a quick food break that won't break the bank. Don't Hey, guess what, You found it. You see it cheats, you could get two delicious snack wraps for just five bucks. No.

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