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I believe specifies a full episode on the wheel. Yeah and they top five hundred signatures. They got five hundred. Twenty something signature. I I think that we can. We can compromise and get this in the mail but they just want us to do it. I think that that's where the frustrations we said we're going to do it and we never did it. So can we set a time two weeks from today? We'll talk about. We'll talk about cats next episode. Two weeks yeah. Because next week you might still be busy. Sure sure okay. Is there something in the constitution about it or now we called? They might say no. You have to put it on the wheel and then we have to make a deal. It'd be mailbag or it could be a bonus episode. I don't think he doesn't need to be a whole. I don't want it to be a bonus episode because I mean they're extent I watched it. It's not good. It's not good for podcast like Let's Talk About for twenty minutes but I don't want it to be a standalone episode. Listen that I can't imagine if it's not a snuff film that we that we can't talk about something for more than twenty minutes. I guess that's probably talk about immersion for twenty minutes but I think at an hour and a half we ought to do. There's nothing meat on the bone. Their stuff to podcast about it's weird. It's really weird like I will say I went into the movie knowing that it was going to be weird and it was somehow weirder than I thought it was going to be so like. It's bizarre. It's great okay. I'm still looking at You're already doing this today by ignoring your wife during Mother's Day to do this podcast. Yeah what about the idea of Robin Akiva? Troll their wives robin keeping the week pranking their wives. The person who makes it out alive wins. No name I.

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