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Yeah. We announced that two. So chef is fighting some Twitter hack from Pittsburgh as he calls it who I guess a audition for pasta Lytle lost a mantis in basically was making fun of the fact that Mantas deformed is that it was a charity case only one because he's deformed. He had words with chef. Now, they're gonna fight then we have mardi mush verse. And we should get him up here. Let's get guys up here. Yeah. We should I map Brown to people who truly don't like each other probably math around more doesn't like mush. And we'll get 'em oil. I think I might be the other. I think map around makes fun of muscial lot. But I think it like it gets to Mushin like that leads him to really dislike map branch more. So than the other way. I do like that storyline. I'd be I'd be a little bit skeptical because I just don't know of mardi mush can get that. And yet without smart enough to not like someone he get. No, he gets mad like map Brown will hook moesha's, man. Really? Brownhill stir the pot, and then muscial be like like whites come up or like map brain will text me something about mardi. But why can't he can just say that to me like the mushy there is there is legitimate dislike between both of them. I I knew that. And I, but I always just thought, you know, Matt Brown would get really pissed off. He has like no trust for Mario. She's just distrusted since the second. He came in a lot of it so map Brown was brought in and rigidly to be like gambling guy on camera. And he he was he's inter for whatever reason it's got like demoted to sales and then moosh who like literally as marbles in his mouth in like really a dumb human comes in and becomes like the gambling guy. And I think Matt Brown infuriates was like he's down the second floor. No fence second floor loser. Ville in like ill stuck down there. And in this idiot. We have upstairs do nothing who's on the gambling show. So that's where the hatred and map Brown gets mad because he goes I'm selling at. It's down there for this dumb ass direct go which would maintain a livestream yet. That would make me when angry as well. When you put it like that the animosity there for the from the guys selling the ads for the for the idiot upstairs just gets to live this cushy Marty mushy life, I make me mad too. Make me really mad. So we've got a hell of a ticket that is the Friday night before the Super Bowl is that. Correct. Friday, I propose the ball should be a lot of celebrities in the house, you're going to you're going to be a west waste management. I heard even though you haven't improved or asked or anything. Really? Yeah. So we're in talks right now with the tour about what exactly we can get out of the waste management where we've been repairing that relationship over the last couple of months once we know more, obviously, we'll be able to talk about it. They'd have a better idea. But yeah last year went to waste management this year. I believe we'll be there again, it's a little bit of a bummer. That's always the same week as the Super Bowl. But three not going to Atlanta at all. I doubt. I'll be in Atlanta at all. Yeah. What'd you think? By the way, I t's that piece of yesterday came out in a thong. Not Fong Speedo got two people going lot of us. The guy took a picture my ass. I saw I didn't even notice that till like people commenting. I don't blame. I always told you rigs. What if I told you gay guys love me gay guys wanna fuck? Yeah. I mean, you've been saying that since the elevator situation in in Minnesota where there for colleague guys love me. They will they see me as a piece of meat. They meet to the shit. I don't care. I'll never forget that moment with all. All over look me up and down. He goes. Whoa. And when I get this tan going gay guys, they flocked me. They really do what he was for. Sure. This guy who else takes a picture, my athlete that Tommy..

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