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Was in the water in Detroit in 1969, fans like the Stooges and Alice Cooper and MC 5 helped rock hurdle into something darker and harder. And cream magazine was there to cover the scene from garage rock to glam to punk. I think the thing about cream was it was really just using outsiders. Daniel helse was a reporter at cream in its early days, and now serves as editor emeritus. I started cream in 1970 at the same day, Lester bangs, did we both walked in that door? Approximately the same time. Lester bangs was among cream's most famous writers. Philip Seymour Hoffman played him in almost famous. Hey, I met you. You are not cool. I know. Even when I thought I was a new, I wasn't. Because we are on cool. Okay, maybe only in the movie, but in real life, cream definitely was cool. Like when bangs brought his typewriter on stage to write a review of the Jay Giles band in real time. And then he smashed the typewriter. Or like when January hellscape reported on kiss by donning the famous black and white makeup and playing with them. You husky says that kind of high concept journalism is what made cream distinct. We're very clear in our mission, which is to tell the truth, which is to show them from the inside out just to show that human aspect to drag them down from Valhalla if we have to, to put them up in the if they deserve it. Also on the staff legends like grill Marcus, Robert chrisco, and Cameron Crowe. They covered rock worldwide, featuring Lou Reed and Led Zeppelin. We got to meet our heroes for better or

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