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Lake Baikal, Kleiman, Vallejo discussed on Morning Edition


And loves how ought is transforming the campus dimmer and with a little bit more vivid now could we have more murals in lake baikal if popping of principle kleiman says around two hundred fifty students have participated in the project including students who don't even take part cloths one recent grad shea maxi won a full ride scholarship to san francisco's academy of art university that was partly as a result of her take on a portrait of a young girl by the italian artists modigliani this era made me feel like i could accomplish a lot more than i thought i could beforehand and in the ultimate sign of teen approval students a snapping cell fees in front of the murals and schering them on instagram bosnia teeny says there are around forty works of all talk right now and many more to come i will you know when you're done when there is none another suspect that to fill when you turn the corner i still see a million corners as were walking around i think it's going to be awhile in pinault i'm cloudy velz men kqed news you're listening to morning edition on kqed the time now as a 30 let's go over to joe mcconnell's disc for another look at traffic he had another motorcycle down this was on eighty in vallejo eastbound to stuff occur keita's bridge possibly near the cinema boulevard interchange in the initial reports it it does evolving injury and the middle lane is reported blocked also we've got troubles four of the six city riding conquered and new troublespot south six city under to forty two collision reported there involving a large truck dump truck in the car not sure woods block but it's already backed up joe mcconnell for kqed all right joe thank you the traffic brought to you by mancini sleep were world this morning.

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Lake Baikal, Kleiman, Vallejo discussed on Morning Edition

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