Italy, George Clooney, Cosby discussed on The Howard Stern Show


There turn show is it necessary to get the entire cast together was there anyone that was holding out or saying no i need to be convinced here not to come on while george clearly didn't wanna come on so did george clooney was on the show so i thought well he lives in italy so you know you love george clooney right oh yeah he's he's said some really silly things about me but i still love him he did say silly things about you because oh what did he say about he said a few because george clooney the story i heard when your show in its original form went to number one on abc which is a big fucking deal beat cosby because he was number one that was it not number one in some demo number one across the board that's how popular show was an abc sends you how h hawk lit kate that hasn't chocolate number one a chocolate number one and george clooney took a bat and smashed the fucking thing into a million pieces while we had had some problems before that i'm the show went to number one in its third episode so it premiered in the top ten though but anyway so we knew that you know george knows everybody so he knew he goes they fucking gave what's his face a rolls royce on this network and also all the time georgia's all because remember when sandy out god i'm better i can't remember nobody's name anymore manager sandy the old show were sandy duncan may placed valerie harper so george always would when i'd go to my dressing room every day it would say sandy dunkin over my name.

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