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A property crime. It's a crime that says to an entire community. You're not safe. Stories that people go to stores that people depend upon. Not just talking about Michigan Avenue we're talking about in the neighborhoods where the looting is really bad in May and tonight, the story will never open up again. Those air stores of the community needs so that they can get groceries and other things. I will come back, but well. Take phone calls. I have some other 1000. This is well. But first, Here's Mary Vandevelde. She's got the traffic in the weather. 78 degrees. Partly sunny tonight Partly cloudy with a low of 66 partly sunny cooler for tomorrow with a high of 77 accident on 2 94 It's on the extension, actually, at 2 94 on 2 90 The right lane is black. It's about 46 in from 3 90 20 for manhunt. 36 heading out to 3 90 Eaton's is OK up on the Kennedy Now some delays into, Nagel said about 26 minutes out to O'Hare. Inbound Stevenson, looking good. Outbound remains slow into Cicero, 36 out to the Tri state. The Dan Ryan clear stall South bound to 94 95th in the right lane. Wabash Bridge over the river is still up for security, along with Clark blacked off between Randolph And Washington Red Brown and Purple Line, operating with some delays due to an earlier a minor fire that was on the tracks. Amara Vandeveld Nada Traffic center, reminding you to drive responsibly. It really is a matter of life or death. Take John Williams to work with you. We promise your boss won't mind. No trees on people. But when a tree dies like that, you know, I just feel like that's a history. John Williams with day mornings at nine..

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