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Royal oaks in for doctor drew and Lea and three so I get to have controversial Donald Trump is you know legitimate objections to women people of policy objections and then of course there are people who just really are not in love with his personality and even the people really are hard core trump streaking nobody says oh yeah I love everything about it you know this is very controversial guy so yeah you you have objections but then there's trump's derangement syndrome and who but Andrew Cuomo governor of New York has come down with a bad case of trump derangement syndrome see if you agree with me on this he's just vetoed a bill is it would have permitted federal appeals and federal District Court judges from around the nation to preside over weddings in New York state thus denying these federal judges inclusion on a lengthy list of people who can do weddings including the governor himself and why is this well is because Donald Trump has appointed some federal judges recent months the last couple of years according to the governor I cannot in good conscience support legislation that would authorize such actions by federal judges who are appointed by this federal administration president trump does not have a body who we are as new Yorkers hello do you realize what we're talking about is people standing up and saying do you take this these are weddings these are not judicial decisions is this really appropriate New York state law already gives a huge number of people the right to do marriages traditional clergy of course as well as members of the entire legislature in New York up in Albany every party both houses current and former mayors of cities and villages do you have a hundred three year old former mayor of the village of would should talk what he can do the wedding but not a federal judge appointed by Donald Trump around the country county executives may do weddings tribal officials leaders of the New York society of ethical culture whatever that is very very weird federal district judges inside New York can do weddings even if they were appointed by Donald Trump but not ones outside according to the state Republican Party chairman in New York and Nick Langworthy and course he's biased but he said it's hard to imagine a more petty small action from a sitting governor but that's prince Andrew in a nutshell those rooms fighting words gonna prince Andrew at this point of time so the the bill had wide bipartisan support this bill that Andrew Cuomo vetoed it passed the Senate by sixty one to one I think that includes at least to fuel Republicans so perhaps perhaps governor Cuomo should chill out you know be more easy going like his famous brother on CNN speaking of trump all black people have been wondering well we know where Nancy's coming from and and the folks Mitch McConnell what about the lawyers for Donald Trump and the leader of the pack has emerged his name is Pat chip baloney he is the White House counsel as of October two thousand eighteen and he gave up a job at a private law firm that is kind of hard to know exactly how much he made because you know they have these ranges while I made between X. and X. but it looks like he made about three million Bucks a year at his fancy private law firm but he gave it all up to become White House counsel and he is leading the charge is spearheading the White House response he is writing blistering letters to the Democrats declining to cooperate with their demands for documents he's arguing that witnesses need not testify before the house and he's meeting with Republican senators to prepare for trial and he of course is the guy you can bet is gonna be going after Joe Biden who's going to a little flip flopping you you saw Joe Biden more for five days ago saying subpoena simply forget it I'm not honoring a subpoena I'm not showing up at that impeachment trial of a subpoena me because this isn't about me and my son hunter this is about Donald Trump ruining the nation where old Joe Biden's aids got to him and said the other day X. Naomi I won't honor the subpoena Sir I think you better say you will and so yesterday said well I'd like to clarify that course I will honor a legitimate subpoena so you start the word legitimate in there and so the bottom line is when ever so somebody issues a subpoena as a party to a lawsuit or if you're involved in the impeachment the subpoena is only valid if a judge agrees because of somebody defies the subpoena what's the person issuing the subpoena supposed to do if not get a court order saying it was legitimate so Joe Biden is going to have to go to court to object to this if he thinks it's an illegitimate subpoena but Mr triple ani is the leader of the pack and apparently he's very close with Donald Trump they've developed a close bond of their with each other every day somebody said there stapled to each other side and I'm so glad they didn't say they're literally stapled because recently somebody said in in Colorado there is a politician who who literally literally glued herself to Donald Trump and thinking literally but you know it's it's picky Portis buzz two fifty three the time talk radio seven ninety K. A. B. C. royal oaks in for doctor drew and Leah the word shark bites with Clark the shark Hey it's Randy and I'm sitting here with my buddy Clark fielding a fielding law and look at this Clark the holiday season is already upon us and we know what that means traffic is about to get even crazier out there the sad truth is during the holiday season there's an increase in accidents you have distracted drivers on their cell phones you have drivers who are driving under the influence you have driver's doing the last minute shopping on Amazon you do and so what you should do is you should put my phone number in your cell phone I should be the first person you call after an accident that number is put.

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