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Corona virus a five year old boy dies in a Manhattan hospital yesterday from what appears to be a rare syndrome linked to the corona virus governor Cuomo announcing the disturbing news at his daily briefing held today at Marist college in Poughkeepsie the governor says there are seventy three children in the state now hospitalized with the syndrome which causes life threatening inflammation in critical organs and blood vessels of children doctors say the syndrome has sent children into a kind of toxic shock as their blood pressure plummets and their heart fails to send enough blood to their vital organs New York City is limiting the number of people in some parks as a way to make it easier to social distance because of the corona virus here's W. A. B. C.'s Kristin marks mayor de Blasio says officers will be at the popular Hudson River park's pier forty five in forty six and domino park in Williamsburg Brooklyn at the start of the day this weekend to make sure the number of people never reaches to high point and when it does obviously asking people to move out make more space to Blasi says if that plan goes well the city will possibly implemented at other parks the mayor commenting on the overcrowding of parks last weekend we know wasn't just some stray individuals it was really the physical reality of the parks face coverings will still be handed out to people who show up without one I'm Kristin marks for seventy seven WABC news vice president Mike pence's flight to Iowa today was delayed after a member of his staff tested positive for the corona virus causing some passengers to disembark correspondent Kaitlan Collins has more the reason that his plane Air Force two got held up on the tarmac it was sitting there for about an hour after they were scheduled to take off of raising questions of what was going on and then of course the pool reporters who were on board Seoul several severs get off the plane and that's because they're believed to have contact with whoever this person is on Wall Street the Dow before the bell up more than four hundred points in sports the NFL announced its schedule for the twenty two on the season last night and for the first time in team history the giants will be hosting to Monday Night Football games in the same season big blue opens their season Monday night September fourteenth against the Pittsburgh Steelers and then November second they'll host Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in another prime time matchup at MetLife stadium now your forecast from the Ramsey super weather center rain and drizzle continuing tonight a coastal flood advisory in effect from eight till eleven overnight temps dipping into the upper thirties tomorrow mostly sunny chance of an afternoon shower high forty nine Sunday warmer mix of sun and clouds sixty the high it's currently forty six.

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