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He was hosting Sports Central every evening at 6 30. He was doing pre and post game features for our Bears broadcast. In fact, he had only recently given up the Bears play by play job. What responsibilities to Jack have with the radio station? He had Uh, Contract obligations. He would handle contracts. He was Involved in in a big town. We did. The big 10 is we're doing now We always had a piece of the big town. And Jack really had his finger in many pies around the station. Because Everyone knew him. And respected him. And there's a lot of deals that were made. Uh, you know, maybe they weren't to formalize deals that we know today. With the battery of lawyers and all that involved. A lot of things were done just on On a handshake. And this file it for years, years and years here. Didn't he actually reached an agreement for the I believe it was the Bulls broadcast rights. And actually signed a deal on a cocktail napkin. The cocktail napkin had its correct That's a long time ago. Your memories very good. They don't do deals that way anymore. They don't do deals that way anymore, and the Uh, you know that everything is is changed and there was a time you know is I inherited a lot of these contract deals and all that. I would call up a school like kind of on a big 10 game of the week. Come on money and say we like to come in there and fairly He always got a sinner. Because we kept our word and we paid our rights and we we did it. But then it's time one of our own. You had to have contracts. How is Jack Abel? Yeah. Do they do a Cubs game in the afternoon? And he would Go over. Do it. Tell a radio sports cast in the evening and WGN radio. Show up on the W G M TV news and then turn around and do that that 10 55 sports special on WGN radio, all in the span of what less than 12 hours and thought nothing of We used to tell people all of us that we work, days nights, holidays and weekends. Never looked at the clock. As far as what time you're going home type of deal. Ah, never worried about Ah Ah, how much vacation time we got? We were so enamored. To be part of this company. And and to do what we were doing, and we ice we We used to talk among ourselves and and and and we would speculate that most other men in particular Wished they were where we were at that point, so we didn't Yeah, Jack that around, and I mean, a lot of times that calls were close, and I remember All the years we were doing, especially when you got into August and September. And we had Uh, the Bears were starting and we had two preseason games and you had the Cubs going or you had two socks going on an out of town game. And then you had the big 10 season was starting and it was. Ah, It was a wild time, but ah, somehow we survived All that, and Uh, I can say with pardonable pride to speaking of Jack that I remember well, the day that he came to me and said he had just gotten a call from New York that he'd been Already ended up Hall of Fame. Cooper's term. And he said. You've done Everything from me over the years. He said. Christ you one more big favor. And I said it clerks, he said. Did you write my speech? And I said I'd be an honor. Right. True speech Tech. So I took two or three days. And came back to him in his office one day and I said Why don't you sit down? Let me read you your speech. His eye invasion. I said, for starters. You only take three minutes. He said three minutes. Are you kidding it? Cooperstown? I said Jack. Better people there today. You know Brooks Robinson, one marry shell while the Rosens family may rest in peace was gone already. I said those people. Will stand up in that hot sun. For an hour. Thanking everyone in creation who've gotten to this point. If you do that. You'll be here for three days in Cooperstown. I said, I have one line that covers that. I said the line is Countless people. It brought me to this pinnacle. You know who you are? And you have my undying gratitude. He said. Boy, That's great. So in any case, he sits down. I read him to speak. And I had You know, I started out with I feel the day I command 60 ft six inches tall, which is the distance from the band of home plate, and he really liked that. And I had the line and era but Uh, in my dreams In the fantasy of my dreams, I have imagined that I would one day broadcast and all Chicago world Syriza's Cubs against the Sox. Syriza would go seven games with the seventh game going in the extra innings. And then being suspended because of darkness at Wrigley Field, and I had the line the planes, the trains, the calves of Busses. Carried me millions of miles through the years to get me where I most wanted to bay. The ball game. Said there were those who said that even if I never got to Cooperstown My suitcase probably would. And fortunately, we've arrived together now. The thing Alex. Remember Dave Is it when that speech was over? And we were all sitting there. And what King can't give a speech. He comes off that platform. And some of those old time writers came up and slapped him on the back and said. Number Dick Young and some of those people from New York had that may be the best single speech ever delivered A Cooper, Stan and Jack said, Go tell Jack Rosenberg because he's the one who wrote it. Now how many people will you get that would do that? And you see all these years have gone by Jack has gone me rest in peace. But I still remember And I told that story countless times. And so he was really unique, unique person and let me in so many ways. We're speaking with Jack Rosenberg, longtime sports editor of WGN. I'm David. It Talk about some of the others. Vince Lloyd, another protege of Jack Brickhouse, and and another guy who for years was known as the voice of the Cubs, but also held A number of jobs around here, then ploy was Uh, like check had Tremendous set of pipes. Um He just had a great resident. Found on the air. Fantastic personality. Was born and reared in South Dakota. Of Lebanese to South And Jack used to say when, when Vince was doing television with him, and I would sit On one side of Jack and Vince was on the other. Jack would always tell people with me being of the Jewish faith and Vince being Lebanese. CAC would say it was tan about to ah to him sitting on the guy's a strip. And that went on for years. But I have to tell you something, Vince Lloyd. He came to me, just like Jack. Uh, The three of us were like brothers and, uh, We went through all of broadcasting wars together, and I think as I look back now, Vince also belongs in the Hall of Fame. And then he certainly in my hall of fame, and I think If you talk to anybody, you will find that He is probably is highly regarded. Is any broadcast forever. Tell us about the interview with President Kennedy on opening day in Washington. We have a picture of it right here in the hallway, WGN radar, the archives. We were.

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