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Support for this podcast and the following message come from almond board of california did you know almond farmers and processors are supporting research into restoring depleted groundwater through onfarm recharge grow what you know at almonds dot com slash water al from npr i'm sam sanders it's been a minute on today's show we are talking about the documentary are the jeep it's all about the court justice ruth bader ginsburg we talked to betsy west in juliet cohen that the two directors behind the film we also talked to npr's very own supreme court correspondent nina totenberg because she knows a lot about the supreme court and ruth bader ginsburg so much so that she was also in the movie this film it covers a lot rb jeez entire life growing up in new york being one of the first female students at harvard law school working on women's rights cases with the aclu back in the seventies and arguing cases in front of the supreme court back then six times female citizens of the we are denied equal protection by the total absence of their peers from the jury theory israeli little difference between men and women so i wouldn't measure either of aware of that in theory awesome talks about ruth bader ginsburg now and how even at eighty five years old she is still working till two or three in the morning she's still going out too late night dinners after the opera for me the most poignant parts of this film are these discussions about ruth later ginsberg's fifty plus you marriage to the late mardi ginsburg it was as beautiful partnership that really helped ruth thrive over her career the filmmakers say it was a truly feminist marriage i think you'll enjoy this chat for all of those reasons and also because the conversation starts out with nina totenberg singing as she walked into our studio enjoy.

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