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Jerry had a drop the mic purple drank moment everybody know drafted drank the maybe have dropped its rank before that microphone and jerry rice was normally known as a quiet dude when he played in the national football league he didn't say a lot he spoke he didn't speak loudly that his play do the talking ever since retirement it's different for one jerry all world rice that's my uncle's when they get together and try to declare who's the best singer the family union have given to the moon that's what it sounded like dominoes player it's interesting because he has a certain demeanor on the field there are a lot of people suggest that you know he's obviously very confident some people thought he was arrogant throughout his career there no conversation about the greatest wide receiver of all time i it's jerry rice and then you can have a conversation by randy moss and absolutely but i don't think any receiver can be the best football player of all time wise that because the quarterback is so instrumental in whatever you are able to do no matter who you are as a wide receiver whereas a walter payton that was just a dude who was a great football player and made things happen you know lawrence taylor i mean those guys who are by opinion they didn't need a bunch of help they were impacting the game alone and that's where i think jerry rice to me he's definitely not the greatest football player of all time greatest receiver yes okay not the greatest football player who was the greatest football player you've ever seen the greatest football player i saw lt lawrence taylor's right there because that's number one for me it's hard to argue against lt tears of the impact that he made i want to couch that by saying that doesn't mean i think he's the greatest ever in terms of comparing errors of the guys that actually saw in their prime in the national football league in his prime i don't think there was a better football player than lonsdale this way i don't have people ask me what about jim brown runabout brock on thursday now i've seen with my own eyes that was the best football player had ever seen the best football player i've watched extensively was randy moss peak random person randy moss as the most talented player i think to ever come into the nfl because off freakish talent and i think he just had tools that we have never seen before to me randy's in that category with lt of just guys who operate in a different stratosphere i mentioned reggie white earlier on the show but it is really hard to argue against someone is good as lawrence taylor i think more modern times a lot of people don't bring up ray lewis ed re to me at his peaking in terms of a guy who could disrupt anything.

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