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Flooring into iron fifties into misty. You know, she's. Fully in bested in Karachi is now. There's something that happens. It brings her downtown to check on Colleen and Danny, and that's where the journey starts. And so you get to see Missy outside of Harlem outside of uptown, and. It's a different jurisdictions. So it's a different set of problems. It's a different set of super powered people that she has to deal with. And that's exciting. I mean, you know, it's all about the double, you know, and I think in Harlem, you know, she, she knows Luke. She knows bushmaster she knows Mariah. And these are. That she has to deal with on the level, and then she comes down town. The whole issue. Fun. Chinatown Chinatown Chinatown is downtown. How much he about high for those familiar with the series what you all about eating with the comic? Yes. Yes. How different little comic beef from what we see in. I'm, I actually think that they've done a really raven as. Typhoid Mary in the film Electra and is always been interested in the character and Sutton ev- us in the COMEX and educated me a lot and gave me the comics to read. And the essence of the COMEX is a real visceral violence in violence as a response to Truman. Violences response to communication. I think she'd rather be violent and say, Hello. And I think that that has translated ready well into into the series because that's the essence of what raven took in terms of the Arjun story. Maybe there slight departures, but but the fury is. Jeff, you. Famous. Comic right from the beginning close I it's some of them go back to the beginning, but from sixty four on. So you know, being lifelong fan collector getting to finally you like to buy the collection because I. Go through those long boxes start picking up. That I've made us to show. What is that feeling light to see these. I look, it's thrilling look. I, I'm the lucky sky in the world and the coolest job in the world. And and I don't take for granted any day of the week eat, but it isn't just that is. It is working with first of all of the team that I work with as extrordinary like that, you'll, you never get to see these things because they are actually there on the ground trying to make sure that things are happening right on the punisher right now. So seven Quinn or whether it's claims Ray, Tom lever those guys are are, are there Fleischer mega Thomas Radnor, making sure with runaways is going okay. So it's it's that part of it. But the the bigger part is, is that I think particularly now. In a world where it's just really confusing terms out of. Who are heroes, are that the stories that Stanley inject Steve Toco and then later people like ROY, Thomas and Steve Englehart, trae, Conway, hundreds of others, and and they're people that would include me in with that group and I always sort of look at it and go, yeah, I ever comics. I don't wanna think that I contributed to the culture the way that they did, but that was sort of the first thing was to having bought comics for so long. That to go to comic store and see my name on a comic was surreal experience so that to then see those comics. Get turned into television shows and movies, and have that experienced outgo worldwide. And particularly when we're the shows that are on Netflix, which which immediately translate day and date all around the world and something like a hundred ninety countries. That's the part which is which is really throwing that we're, we're telling stories that affect people's lives and that you know whether it's Mary story or whether it's misty story or whether it's the story of this particular case of Danny rand and his journey from from, you know, when we spent a lot of time. So talking about, you know, Jaas Danny's billionaire. Danny is trying to figure out where he is in the world and and this year to ground him and take on the responsibilities as vigilante Chinatown who is trying to sort of make good on a promise that he made Auckland Murdoch died. So in the defenders spoiler alert, sorry, should've watched it..

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