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Democrat Diana to get who will be one of the House impeachment managers set on the House floor before the vote that the president refuses to accept blame. Yesterday, the president said again he did nothing wrong. This man is dangerous. He has defied the Constitution. He's incited sedition, and he must be removed. Colorado Republican Congressman Ken Buck says Democrats have been after Trump since Day one. They were frustrated to read in the New York in The Washington Post the day after the inauguration. Let the impeachment begin. In a statement, Colorado Democratic Congressman Ed Perlmutter said Trump has damaged the Constitution and damaged America. Colorado Springs is mayor is calling for a congressional investigation into the decision to award Huntsville, Alabama, the permanent home of the space command. Frankly, my concern is that politics played A significant role in this result, Reports say. The Air Force had picked Colorado Springs Force Face command. But President Trump overruled that decision. For political reasons. Denver is giving a restaurant owners of break restaurant food licenses will be waived to help restaurants cope with loss is due to the pandemic. Those fees range anywhere from 125 to $400 per location. Last year Restaurant feast Total $774,000. There are currently more than 1500 licensed retail food establishments in Denver. The Broncos have hired George Payton to be their new general manager, replacing John Elway. Peyton comes to Denver after spending the last 14 years with the Vikings. He's been Minnesota's assistant GM for the last eight. Peyton agreed to a six year contract, and we'll ever see the day to day football operations. Including setting the final 53 Man roster Raining crystal. Okay, we news radio Peyton will be introduced to Broncos country next Tuesday. Our next update at 3 30. I'm Chad Bauer on K Away News Radio 8:50 A.m. and 94 1 FM from Bedford Sports Traffic Center Eastbound. I 76 you still have accidents involving a couple of rolled over semis and two locations. One's gonna be a dragon's The other one is that Sterling traffic is getting by in one lane. Just give yourself a little extra time. Elsewhere around the main highways. You've got nothing interfering with the drive one in 70, and nothing is slowing it down on C 4 70 36 between here and boulders looking good. I 25 through the tech center. Everything's fine and no problems on Pina Boulevard. They should make your way out towards the airport. Fox 31 pinpoint whether you can expect it to be Cloudy today High only 39 Tonight Slow 29 Tomorrow High of 45 is expected with the lower around 20, currently with high winds..

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