General Barr, Prostitution, Attorney discussed on Sean Hannity


To be part of the program you know the Attorney General Barr had said that if you were part of this operation this was this sick network of Jeffrey abstain will lead to express an orgy island at all these young girls and goes dot don't think you're resting easy ways very clear about it and he said the people that that he was so angry that this had happened whatever means what however he died suicide or whatever I thank you I'm not beginning to go down that Avenue I have no clue an old we'll find out from the experts at some point but it wasn't you know we know that he tried to commit suicide a couple weeks earlier and he was in solitary and the guards apparently were sleep so we know that part at this point we don't know much more than that but the Attorney General focused on the victims of that state and I want to play for you Jennifer rose and there's one of apps these accusers and describing being recruited by at St when she was fourteen years old now some of this is gonna be disturbing if you have kids in the car but I think the attorney general's right did they've got to get to the bottom of this just like the human trafficking of young girls that happens on our southern border I've interviewed agents they that this is all the work they've done stopping the human trafficking of young girls into prostitution and we don't ever discuss that part of why we should secure the border anyway this is abstain accuser Jennifer a rose twenty first hand.

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