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J. P. you shared with us a story about the sub media right type by incidents that you witnessed I wondered it does the Mauritius doesn't have its own sort of military and it that they have shown interest in any of this well it's been interesting question George but I know we don't have a conventional military apples on the or maybe but we do have the militarized police and I'm sorry much material to cover that happening on the thought of you know I spoke to one of these military policeman actually about a satellite based is located in the south of the richest melodia we talked about a lady lying on the I thought it was a lot of activity that happened that was cleared off the I also think there's an energy vortex for some kind of some of it's still happening on the south coast of Mauritius and that happens to be the top of the radio and satellite based earth capable of looking for space you know I don't think that the explanation of its beauty that to monitor the weather is pretty good enough because this call more powerful than you know the process of being sold many authors will review the tree of policemen he said to me that there is absolutely a deep on the ground based on the site and then we'll call the stickers bearing why that he has a suspicion in the mind my guess would be that an operation on that probably you know U. S. another intelligence agencies that are operating on a Sunday night we don't have conventional army at the auction and you know we're we're really only been with corona virus environment we're relying on the police and the military police with the would you have the public records laws that would allow you access to whatever the police might have in their files do you suspect that they might have an incident reports I mean I would I would people who see one of these right now I wish there will be no different such legislation has we have in the states in Europe you know because of the freedom of information act unfortunately you know it's been a very much a developing legal system is that we all everything else in the legal system is still procedurally working off of pre nineteen sixty eight English procedure only few things of yours on a lot since then you're going on the rest of the world so I'm unfortunately not all and it's very much a case of just twenty three speak to the right people and you get a feeling for this I am trying to I mean he even greeted me you know I'm looking for me let's say somebody who is closely linked to you in the pendant of Mauritius and walls let's see political figure in the country and he's looking to meet with me because I think that within the political feral public sectors such if anybody knows anything about what's happening in the richness of yeah you're not there then it will be him but I just don't know what he what he knows and what if he doesn't know anything what is about to say to me but here I think that you know membership it's most likely the the intelligence services are really just following political maaf those words in the west it's probably more of a all right so are you able to collect information that bolstered the case about the incident that you described are there other witnesses to be I'd you've collected statements from them is there any kind of radar information or yeah documentation for the future okay so happened I was I mean it was across the national Press in Murchison phone reunion islands I mean every it had been picked up there was so much one of the few really around that so even if the job was definitely excel but it's the more sort of there are other cases that are just massive but it happened that was really just pretty clear on a number of witnesses in the case of myself you know being here it's only when you really thought that the people of very capelin I'm worried about protection on this very small line and what is the full of wine and fevers the people are scared to really speak the truth but some have been a couple of cases where it's it's just been phenomenal one the I would be quite an Ashley Cole at the tamarind light which is on the west coast and it's very similar but I would say it would be more impressive in terms of the visual of the Phoenix life happens all not the whole day of the thirteenth of March nineteen ninety seven and are going on earlier we touched on this sort of concept of any time will run on almost the you know they want however they all they want because the couple minutes tonight additionally I learned about the Phoenix flight the return my attention with the fuss pilot in the sky trash he picked up the thing was none other than the eight o'clock the cut off will be cool to ten so I mean it's not a coincidence or is this something that is trying to get our attention when it certified so you know there's some questions that this raises if you if you'd like to order to go into the case of the time or if you don't care about having it is having their run I'll give you a little bit of background because again strong entitlement carrying this event happened on the evening of the twenty seventh of August in two thousand ten sorry you know quite a bit before I live on the island but it was about I think it was July of two thousand fifteen just to give some background my parents and my mother actually was visiting us to see how Crandall the time and I went to the local shops which is maybe five hundred meters from all the way just to pick up some supplies on the left the shop at about seven thirty PM in July it's always a time for little ready dog no one will come out of the shop I'm looking up in the sky and then I see that enormous eruption of fairy lights that were it would have been up there three again three to five malls and non public projects the it was it was just so colorful and it looked like a certain time hi flow of light to go Christmas light it was just unbelievable and this is happening call maybe up to twenty seconds and then vanished you couldn't really see anything beyond that but you know I noted down the lawyer are always not found what's happening across hundreds and hundreds of pages long I'm a described it as a rapid circle of light moving through the sky and repeated up to five times so you know it was quite amazing state officials in July of twenty fifteen all forward a year somebody on nine your friend put me in touch with a witness to see something very similar and what transpired was that he was actually one of the witnesses of the female much Croft will ship that appeared on the west coast which is highly active sorry you know what educated decided to college university at the Sorbonne in Paris which is that the learning school of knowledge and learning problems and he came back to militias he's very physically fit meanwhile he works out he physically strong if the company is a very good friend of mine who's a fellow lawyer who works in the public sector and anyway he will be able to talk so what he began to tell me was that the United first of all we have three what we've seen here identified this witness is the guy who would see nothing normal electrical Crawford I'll be in a meeting but at the time of our life in Russia which is very strange he pulled it off of that event he was being monitored by intelligence but they wouldn't tell him who's very well within a messaging anonymously he would be looked at you know because if your heart Georgie was working at images of this sort of the bothering area fifty one and the messages would pop on or pop up on the computer on the return of looking up what he was doing he was very strange things that were happening in his life when he was watching at one point another wonderful the franchise film ice age she was watching it with a friend in the department and the palm coast will net and they fell asleep and then within thirty to sixty minutes of waking up again your fault no one identified on the boardwalk this call may have been clean not only that but you couldn't find a DVD or the fox and it was only a day later but he found the film with the vehicle hi sage perfectly placed in the center of the freezer compartment in his his courage so I mean if there is a trickster Thai Pham element that can also accommodate us one moment anyway five hundred experience with the crawfish you know you could experience I've realized that he had very old you happen to have the tooth and then begin to describe the case that happened on the west coast political drama we found friends will primarily in English weather's been plenty of other five things but this one is exceptional basically he told me that the the quality of this call happened between one thirty to six thirty AM and it was literally on the for the viewing points on the side of the mountain in summer and the physical location of the full plot in the some of the finest seafood in the world but made that he have you shared the footage and what it captured with anyone other than a couple of friends who were with him at the time and another friend to hold it on a hard drive and we know that the footage is from twenty seventh lowest in twenty ten I mean it was taken on a SLR camera around three AM in office in two thousand and ten and the technology will be wonderful the KGB the operation was so exceptional it really is beautiful and I actually showed that the the Laughlin unified medical mom on around the trees most interesting unit so basically our defense allowed this group of or friends I understand watching the subject of the light moving at different speeds over the ocean they will continue to see more into different shapes input W. shape which means something to me as well they were moving quickly and he also used a specific term certain right in that in the way that they moved which is what I've seen here before meeting him which is interesting at a certain point it became a traceable deaths nine witness that other life forms part of one of the same object because the one point is we can see in the the film all the light sees the five again following with it with one another and the form is enormous delta shaped will remind should call that he estimated at the time to be up to two to three football fields and Brett so that's why I called it the the camera might tribute to the Phoenix lights knowledge learned and there's video so yeah yeah so you know after several hours of viewing this light showers he and his three friends one for less than one of that because of his car he thought in the front passenger seat with one friend there's a stop in the driver's seat and then the two other companions were basically in the rear all four of the occupants in the call suddenly felt as we penetrate the call accompanied by what sounded like a response stating the main what is his name the witness instinctively looked into the passenger Riviera and he was supposed to be world monetary commitment for he describes the close to being the size of a child rapidly losing to the Tollcross situated at the rear of the call and he couldn't recall seeing as being called to the blaze of cross with hands on it so to make a quick call stealthy and purposeful movement through across and across the road to the other side so if I want to push and I said how would you describe it can you identify with any kind of being all person you identify with and.

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