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The KOMO morning news, traffic and weather every ten minutes on the force. Here's Kiera really tough times into coma this morning. We have a crash on southbound I five at thirty eight that's blocking two right lanes at this point. You're now stacked up from Tacoma road. And then northbound I five also working with a parking lot from about thirty eight at the PR river bridge. We did have an earlier crash in that area. That's been reported as clear, but I'm not seeing anything clear up as far as our backup. Northbound I five will be crowded as you're approaching Kent Des Moines road and then heavy in Seattle from mid Boeing field to Seneca. Now, we have a new stall in Lynnwood. This is going to be southbound I five at forty four taking up lane. You're crawling from four zero five and once you're past that you find more delays from state route one four through shoreline and scattered slowing from eight hundred fifty five twenty looks like westbound ninety now building between the mount Baker tunnel. And I five. Northbound ninety nine am five oh nine with a mile and a half backup approaching the first avenue south bridge, due to earlier crashes west Seattle bridge that's going to be tough from Admiral to I five westbound five twelve busy between Pacific five eastbound five twelve typical delays. Northbound one six seven slow through Sumner. We're seeing some scattered slowing out of Auburn into canton, then heavy from twelve to four zero five our next gone traffic at seven twenty four mostly cloudy day, a high around fifty four today by tomorrow afternoon. We'll start to see some sun breaks a high near fifty and then sunshine for several days Saturday Sunday and Monday, highs around fifty it's forty four degrees in Seattle right now. Stay connected. Stay informed. Seattle's only twenty four hour news station. Komo news seven sixteen..

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