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Nine zero wjr steve hi handling the snow out there steve are you there now let's go to sudan in farmington hills he apparently took a powder their navys out shoveling snow sue good afternoon welcome to the guy warden show good afternoon um i am opposed retact them and i i feel bad i i feel that are representative here i have brenda lawrence and i have and we have to our two centres staff and alan carrie peters who are opposed to it i have a call senators i have close republican senators i have participated in protest and even though you say that eighteen percent of the people didn't want um the reagan one i still feel that congress should represent and i'm a retired teacher and i'm also a grandma and what i would say to some of these republican senators in his if you're grandchild's seci you i'm learning about the government and from what i understand dan the government is supposed to represent the constituent and if your constituents don't want to spill voting slur to be sued that they just haven't taken the time to try to understand the bill it's there on the gop website you can read through it it's being constantly updated on all the we have two days changes to it but i mean doubling the personal exemption why do you reject that out of hand of the way that it was handled every economist at i have hurt almost every economist except for some of the economists on some of the conservative stations say it's terrible see that it will not help the lower class where the middle class that it won't ed th that's the the taxes will raise you may get a cut now that you're gonna get a raise leader and that is going to add to the to the deficit and it's just but i i'm more opposed to the way that was handled that there was really no debate and that it was really just rush through words don't understand the and and republicans were replied jr just like obama rogers in flint shift roger good afternoon to you.

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