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And it's all backed by an unlimited mileage warranty for up to five years, which makes the decision of whether by one simple your authorized Mercedes-Benz deals, the certified pre-owned sales event going on now through may thirty first come in today and take advantage of two years of complimentary pre-paid, maintenance and special financing offers available through Mercedes-Benz financial services because in the end, it's absolute confidence, genuine Mercedes-Benz parts or isn't. It's either Mercedes-Benz certified pre-owned or isn't see your authorized Mercedes-Benz dealer for complete details and limitations on certified pre owned warranties. bluecross blueshield believes everyone should have access to healthcare that's why are companies are investing community by community for the health of america learn more at c._b._s. congress health dot com the blue cross blue shield association is an association of independent locally operated bluecross blueshield companies eighty six burglars were asked how they broke into home so they all said they knocked on the door i that's why you need blink x t to cameras they detect motion so you'll get an alert and you can see and talk to who's there tell the delivery guy where to leave the package or just say hi when the kids get home blink x t two cameras start under a hundred bucks so thanks to blink home security just got easier blink cameras are available on amazon invest by or visit blinkprotect dot com slash patrol blinkprotect dot com slash patrol The all new does. He wouldn't festival may twenty three twenty seven. Then the puck in Columbia, Maryland. This three day festival in the woods is where you can meet in varies. Watch doing nights and see a live unicorn with specialty vendors themed areas detainees in tin from the antibodies that something for the whole family go to.

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