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Hello this is the global news podcast from the bbc world service with reports and analysis from across the world the latest news seven days a week bbc world service podcasts are supported by advertising this is the global news podcast from the bbc world service i'm nick miles in the early hours of wednesday the second of may these are a main stories the armyin opposition leader has called for his supporters to join a campaign of civil disobedience in protest at parliament's refusal to choose him as prime minister the nigerian government says it has banned the import and production of cough syrup containing codeine after a bbc investigation revealed vast numbers of young addicts in the country also in this podcast we report on claims that british military was responsible for widespread civilian deaths in the battle to retake mosul from is u n envoys are in myanmar they say they want a proper investigation into the treatment of hinge muslims the fest step is team helped the governance of bangladesh and burma i know say get the un in with unconditional access because they need the un can deal with the scale of the problem and later it is a truth universally at knowledged that a single man in possession of a good fortune must be in want of a wife why do so many american judges quote jane austen in court but we start in armenia.

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