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Thing. I've never been sure my briefing. You well it would be like you know when they interview on Dateline and you're always like in the corner of the frame to the I'd like I knew something was wrong. The dateline music right. Yeah well it just was an instinct you know I felt something was off and I remember thinking of your head when someone's got to do something and maybe that's someone's me and then I write. This is good. Do you watch Kisco? You could see. I'm really the angle everything right. Mickey Okay so. When was the moment you realize you needed to step in and do something on the moment? I realized that if I didn't do it people could get hurt. You WORRIED ABOUT YOURSELF. You know you know in a time like you. Don't think about your own safety. You just think about helping others bullshit. By the way the Bulls are how I'm going to be on dateline there ever a moment where he said. No no no no. I should go home. I guess looking back I should have. I mean it was dangerous but I just acted and people say hero. I don't know about that but I do know that lives were saved and I do know that I'm the one that saved them and I do know that there should be afraid in my honor and do know that I could be fingers crossed on the cover of people magazine in the corner. Not being story I got but like in the corner. Yeah Anyway. That's the goal so I'm not going save hero. I'm not the one saying people are saying and you can't. I can't decide anything like that. You know nothing. The masses decide. I don't know about you but there's so much going on in the there's nothing going on right right but I also have no energy to do anything like e can I tell you. Euro productive people to normal life before this team. Did you not get so much done in a day? I got so much shit done in a day before. Like it's all like you know precourt a pre corona I mean what's the Ad Stanford they say. Two thousand ad was that sad. Latin for after smooth likes. I don't know what we're GONNA call it. A. B. C. You know it's twenty nine hundred. Bc before corona descends. That's before Christ. Noni more sense before corona eighteen means I think it's Latin Anno. I don't Amino which is after Jesus was born anno domino on onto me. No that's like when someone asks you if you want to annals laughing at the what to do at the but CJ. Do it to you to me. No I got used to get so much done in a day like multi. Now if there's one thing to do I think about it all day long right. I don't I just think about like Oh thing I have to. I don't want to and sometimes I think it's not a big thing it's like. Oh today I'm going to pick up all the dog poop in the yard and I'm like I don't WanNa so I wanted to go through and play new game called. I don't WanNa hear just little so if you something you don't want to do and you just to say. I don't WanNa cans. I thought we talk about like what I don't WanNa do. Love this because there are so many different things don't want to do and we can talk about a here openly. I'm ready so is there anything we don't want to wait what's happening? Assuming don't WANNA play I. This is the name of the game. It's called I don't want it what you get. There's not song or something. There's no theme song it's like that's it or would you don't want to do this. I I was going to write a theme song but then I thought no you understand. So it's like you don't WanNa play this game. We don't even have to. I don't Wanna I wanna all right so I have a list of things I don't WanNa do. Tell US yeah. I don't want to do anymore. Zinc meetings really I because away because I think about where I WANNA be. I WANNA background to look like and okay. Oh I don't WanNa do. I don't WanNa swiffer anymore. Okay I have. I bought new curtains for the bedroom here in palm springs while they're not they're the curtain from the old plays where the blackout curtains. And I've been mean to hang them since quarantine and My pantry I've been looking at The pantry in Burbank. I've been looking at in the kitchen. I've been mean to organize literally since March but K. You closet here and the new place monster. I moved in a year ago this summer. July my master closet still isn't organized so That's my list. I don't WANNA write anymore. Things down on my list so I'm not GONNA wouldn't it be great if there was like a sound effect Earth Song for something happened? Anyone else want to get it off just things. They don't WanNa do Jay. Is this weird weird sexually attracted to somebody but don't know how to tell them or another drink? Wait what what do you mean? Can you not sound effect? No I'm literally playing sound effects. Workers way so weird ways facts. I'm playing on my computer. You wonder if you're going to insert them later. I thought doing door we supposed to pick up on this. Are we supposed serious? Never heard it just kept so I to say oh. You really don't have a thing so I have sound effects. Heard none of it. They're all these weird noises and that's why I kept saying there's a theme song like these weird positive sees who's going next something to hear that that's why we like the sound effects. I'm playing I'm trying them all you guys. Are you being serious? You saying Magin. You're like so I want to do this. But okay so much funnier when you when you hear this at so I was playing them from so I think I have to save them as file. Mp Threes sometimes. When I say individually just say put things in order on the garage is to k. down system so can i? Should we take a break and I saved them and then play this out affects for you back to my God? That is so awkward. I was like why is he? He's not a positive hold on listening to that is so because I then I have the file up over your face and so I can't see that you guys are confused. I back thinking. Why aren't they laughing? I'm like why let's take. Let's take a quick break. Okay and will. That is so funny. Okay I don't I can't find out show. Music Sam's GonNa Play Helicopter.

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