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That requires used at a computer all day. The school's himself sequester mode for a couple weeks now, But Sarah and other students believe as long as those freshmen and transfer students are allowed to stay on campus. There are gonna be parties and a lot of positive tests. GIRL. Stephens, WBC. Boston's news radio on the school is saying they will punish more than 350 students for doing exactly that violating covert restrictions Mass live reports over the past week more than 400 students, faculty and staff of tested positive on campus. Now, some of these violations included students exceeding broom capacities, not social distancing, or simply not wearing their mask. Now, Fizer says it wants to cut down production time for its covert vaccine Visor is aiming for a faster rollout of its Corona virus vaccine. The drug maker says it wants to slash its manufacturing time and half by boosting output in its plants and becoming more efficient and its production process. Meanwhile, new study by N. Y. U researchers found that five years vaccine does provide protection against the South African strain of the virus. The CBS is Diane King Hall. These vaccinations by the way. Leading to a brand new type of covert connected shortages. There's a shortage of needles, the kind of needle doctor's water used to give vaccinations because it wastes less of the medicine. It's not just here. It's around the world in Japan, they're cutting back on the number of vaccinations being given because of the shortage. Other medical supply shortages around since the start of the pandemic are still not fully resolved. The U. S Food and Drug Administration just a few days ago, says There is still a limited supply of personal protective equipment like surgical masks and gloves. And that is correspondent Wendy Wild at 7 50 before we check traffic. The founder of Motel Barry Gordon says he is shocked to hear of Mary Wilson's death. CBS is Jennifer Keiper has a look back. Harry Wilson was a founding member of the Supremes..

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