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We have been persuaded by invitation of joining him in the car and therefore mary hooping persuaded. I'm guessing the card. Also i like that. I like that. That's a good ending. That's a good answer very nice and you know. It is a one of the things that i am very proud of and is that you know we all are we all have our own journey and i really like how you spoke about. Some of us have been on this journey with bruce longer than others but it. It's all just as important in intense to us. You know like laura who's been on the show a couple of times and we just had songs over life you know she she's like nineteen but she's you know. She grew up listening to born in the usa. And has you know she's going to broadway to see him the first time and he is just a passionate fan as You know Dan french who has been on the show multiple times that saw him way. Back you know in the seventies and his seen him so many We we can't judge the fandom based on the years it's the passion and love and you know there there. Is someone out there. Just discovering bruce this summer and in is becoming enthralled in his going to Of course now than you don't have to go to record stores you can go online. But i've virtually going to record stores in a you know i. I remember when i first discovered the beach. Boys every records are to go to the b section. And i would scan just to see. Is there an album. I don't have whereas cassette. i don't have and so there are people doing that. That are going through spotify and finding zones in going to online whether it's backstreet or amazon ordering stuff and i just think that's beautiful thing it is what it what a trait but lies ahead for them. Yeah what a treat. The lies ahead for definitely know. And what's what's fascinating. And i mentioned this a lot on the podcast the night. I wish i could remember who told me that. But it might have been bud but the guy that talked about he was there at the reunion. Show thinking this is it. This is the peak of springsteen phantom. It's never going to get better than this. And he had no idea will. Rise wrecking ball broadway. You know western stars is just amazing. So we'll leave. This has been a blast. I hope he had fun. I enjoyed it very much. Jeff thank you so any final thoughts you want share.

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