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See what you can find in the system. I am feeling a little Neil Diamond. I'm not gonna lie. All right. Welcome back to the program. It's Vicki McKenna show. I'm trying to put myself in a good mood. Somebody told me that there is a hilarious pandemic South Park that I am required to watch. And so I'm sort of trying to put myself in a position where I'm gonna look forward to, eh? To a sarcastic piece of cartoon satire a little bit later on in the day, but our pal Steve Spin Gola, Milwaukee police, retired Milwaukee police homicide Detective is on the programme. You're also I mean, you're You're a researcher. You assistant in different cases. You've done the cold case show. Cold justice on the oxygen network. You know whether whether it be use of foreseeing me your subject matter expert so good to have you on the show, Steve. Come on How I use my press representative Vicky. Well, you know, I work for peanuts. Work for bear. All right now, I mean peanuts and beer. Both Steve. Let's talk about what we've already seen Beginning while Tosa. I have pictures and some folks doing some downtown field reporting on their own, sent me some information. Storefronts already being boarded up. Graffiti is already showing up. People are getting ready for the release of the charging decision of Officer Joseph MENSA. All of this suggests That people realize the charging decision is going to be Probably to not charge Officer MENSA in the death of Alvin Coal. So let's start there and talk about this case and then talk about what this officer has already been through. And what is likely to happen. You know, in the event that I'm right and that there is a decision not to charge I will decide. Clearly there is a chance that the charge officer events by any objectively reasonable standard he used, you know, self defense to protect himself. He was in imminent danger. Not gonna be any question about it. His family has hired an attorney. What's going to be interesting tomorrow is hardly explain this his family his playing valve in Cole's phone. He didn't fire a shot. The autopsy is going to show that the first shot that was fired, was actually fired by Alvin Cole, through his own left bicep, withdrew his gonna shoot officer. Men said he fired a shot himself. So let's see the family explain this one here. Yeah, That's right, because he's a good boy. That's that's everybody says he. You know, he's perfect kid. He's never done anything wrong. And this is just a you know. A police officer gunning down Ah black kid. Yada, yada yada fill in the blank. So that was just gotten out of secured attention with a stolen gun with a 30 round clip. Yeah, so you have it you have held Was he 17 17 Year adult Wisconsin. I'm sorry. He wasn't adults being adult decision and it got him killed. So here's the thing. He's an adult in Wisconsin. It wasn't old enough to own a gun, and he wouldn't have been. He would have been permitted to own a gun because it would have been illegal for him to own a gun. Yet somehow he procured a gun. A 30 round magazines, a 30 Round magazine. What's a 17 year old kid doing with a 30 round magazine who just got out of security attention who isn't legally able to own a gun. Let's put our thinking caps on here and go. I don't know. So, Officer MENSA. This this kid pulls out the gun and fires around through his own bicep. And then the you know, Officer MENSA is in fear of death or great bodily harm at that point, And that is when Officer MENSA draws his pistol and shoots. Absolutely. I mean, it's a clear cut case of self defense. And you know anybody who reads your self defense statute who always gone through any type of self defense training. When you go for your C C dub delays. This is just gonna soak on your common sense with the family's trying to Put your fictional that he wasn't a danger to anybody. He was a great danger, and you can see that there was a number of people's lives other than officer menses in danger. When those shots were fired, the body camera clearly captures it, it's explained. Clearly, it's gone through four investigations. Vicky Milwaukee P D. The Milwaukee County D, a. The U. S attorney, Oh, what's with the Police Department? He did nothing wrong. And so tomorrow tells gonna follow this decision. And again, the people of Wauwatosa. You're sitting there with a smorgasbord of stupidity called her common Council and Dennis McBride is the chef of that stupidity. Unless you do something, your town is going to burn and you deserve it unless you do something. Speaking of are is everybody on ready Do is it a high alert situation? You've got storefronts that are already deciding to plywood up the windows the day before. So our is the National Guard. Ready to go are additional departments on stand by to help out, you know. Is this something that you know that people are planning for and any kind of, you know, demonstration. That, of course, is nothing more than the Trojan horse for a riot can be cut off at the knees. Practice makes perfect and you know, unfortunately with one and Kanno shion without when I'm gonna watch you earlier, the National Guard's coming So are the Pew TV got 11 other departments on standby. I think they're already But the problem is one of their going to take action. You know the normal band across the country, including in Kenosha, Baltimore, Milwaukee, let him burn. Let him do some damage in selected areas, but No. You gotta understand Mayfair is there? No, that's their crown jewel on while it's also without that, you've got nothing that whole east side of the town is starting to change. You can feel it when you drive into what it's not safe. And if they let me circle like they did, Northridge Goodbye, wallets, All right, so there is a serious concern. I was talking with some people who actually have businesses near Mayfair. Very, very serious concern about what could happen is this area being secured ahead of time? So But give him space to riot. You just basically said that law enforcement and you tell me why this is the case is being told to let you know. Let glass break let some fires be started Give him space to riot. So that's that just creates a harder to solve problem later. If you give someone space Seretse here's the thing maybe 200 people standing. There aren't going to riot. But when the first two or three people throw the Molotov cocktail or throw the rock through the window, it's on. There is there is an emergent psychology that takes place. It's been studied for decades and decades and decades. Whoever throws the first rock it only takes the first guy to throw the first rocker the first guy to throw the first bomber, the first guy to like the first Dumpster on fire, and it's on So do it. But yeah, Do we have information that has all of these 11 agencies? They're on stand by the National Guard to cut it off before it starts Because here's another thing that happens. You've got the Trojan Horse of the demonstration. So it were peaceful Protesters. Are they willing to make arrests? When quote unquote peaceful protesters Now barricade streets now start shutting off traffic because that's not peaceful anymore, And that's not legal anymore. Are they willing to not let Kenosha happen in Tosa? And that's a good question, and here's the other side. John Chisum ready to charge these people state charges He's been absent from duty also Don'tthink. He isn't Don'tthink. He isn't afraid of losing his job to some souls appointed district attorney that comes in here. Left wing leaning This is on everybody's mind. Everybody's got their own little piece of the pie here, and I bet you tomorrow. You know, Mayfair is gonna be closed. Welcome back awhile. It's also where you gotta shut down early. We can't even conduct business. So it's going to be interesting to see if hell follows this decision right through a wall. It's awesome when they decide to make arrest here. Yeah, interesting. Will Will Chisholm file state charges because what we have found Is that these days won't file charges in tow. Took Democrats?.

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