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Hello and welcome to the dentist among who 24 with me detox on the swedes episode faith every one of a condom blais worships mix of different or each to protect that persons destiny and ultimately set the scene pre god the religion has up half will impact the nazis from how communities gather debbie choose to live on this week's episode big zaman examples where religion has shaped asked city is being influencing popular coach off or impacting the levels of pollution and is not uncommon does he alters with burning incense and offerings of food in the lobbies of old apartment buildings all that plus how the decommissioning a church gave birth to something quite unique as well coming up over the next thirty minutes right here on the next to me after talks station let's let's stop this week's episode in brazil and had to the northeastern state of bahia salvador dhbai here was founded by portuguese colonists as the country's first capital in the 16 th century and is currently brazil's third largest city as a former center for slave trade as a large afrobrazilian population and the city is famed for vibrant culture the spans music art cuisine and religious diversity the can dumbly faith originated in the early nineteen th century when slaves who were supposed to practice catholocism created a hybrid tradition which enable them to continue old rituals to essentially dressing their own day it is in catholic close said the slave masters wouldn't notice they encounter ably is as one color in a vivid tapestry of religion in brazil but his presence has percolated through the country leading to subgroups and influencing popular culture bump its relationship with other churches and the public at large can be somewhat complicated as monkou's frederick bernas found out.

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