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Uh i do i ceos that's my thing you and ico is an initial coin offering this is boring tom he wore a pink button front shirt and pink pants it's me a couple of ici's and a lot of charlatans he's not a charlotte no yeah okay i'm trying to find the joey this is a guy that just like tells people which cryptocurrencies to invest in he's bina but then he's doing that's the the kind of the belief flipping him the wall the big current scam is these i ceos the initial coin offering right 'cause that i'd like to get it on one of those we should do this it gives like i said very good skoda hack it's doing this right or polaroid somebody want to saddam amrik hourly kodak would like a block chain thing that actually isn't i don't think it's a coin it's actually a pretty good idea i hate the world right now if any if i learned anything from this episode which i i didn't and i'd towed thick i will in the next five minutes but uh it's that uh i don't i don't want any part of the world you can ico anything so basically if me or were like we we end new coin coming out it's a completely alien complete him and guess what you can guide em jurgen guyana yeah you can get in on guiding him by the pain upfront you'll get why the first coins but then but what get another do we need to build we limits i make a block chain and like i mean honestly for a ledger the i have a letter at home um one of my best friends has keith ledger.

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