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Back. This is the Ben Shapiro show joining US online. Larry Elder. He's the gubernatorial candidate in California with by the polling data Divas shots replaced Gavin Newsom. Should Gavin Newsom be recalled. So, Larry, Let's talk about the full frontal assault that you've now had to endure from the media. It is pretty astonishing how fast you became a white supremacist. As soon as you declared that you're going to run for office, so number one. Congratulations on finally receiving your white privilege Diploma in the mail. I'm eager to welcome you to the white people clubs. As a Jew. You're now welcome in the minorities who are now considered white, even though they're not actually white. Club, so I wanted to get your thoughts on being one of the only black white supremacist in America, according to a columnist for the L A Times. I worked very hard for that title. Ben. Thank you, uh, actually been called the black face of white supremacy. I've also been accused of hating women because I wrote an article 21 years ago, where I cited a study from the Edinburgh School of Journalism, which is connected with University of Pennsylvania. They asked women and men 25 questions about politics. Men knew more than women did in 15. They knew the same at nine, and women knew more than one and I was just citing that study, and therefore I hate women. The headline of the article was the she issues. She stands for Social Security, health care and education. Turns out women knew more cared more about that men cared more about the economy, about taxes and about foreign policy. And I quoted a female professor is still there. And she said the reason women knew less than men did on these topics is because they get their primary source of news from local news, and she said, I didn't quote local watching local news makes you dumber, close quote. So I was attributed to that comment. When I said I didn't say it, she did. And so, therefore Larry Elder hates women. Very older is a black face of white supremacy who hates women. And then, of course, you've seen these articles from the L a times trying to basically gin up the notion that you've committed some sort of grave illegality. And of course, the headline goes out is about campaign fundraising issue. I believe, but it was it was. It was an issue that Crops up in almost literally every single campaign and is quickly fixed. It didn't matter. The L A Times ran with it immediately started trending on Twitter because that's what Twitter does. Right. I was something called form 700, which I never heard of. And you fill that out in order to run for office. Uh, and it turns out that I did not fully declared that I own 100% of my corporation called Lawrence, a elder and associates. We quickly fixed it. It was minor. But for two or three days it was elder is evading the fully disclosing his financials, which is completely nonsense. And then Larry. There is also this this attempt to go after you for your personal life and your dating life, and I wonder if you want to respond to that a little bit. Well, just nothing in there is true. I've never waved a gun loaded or unloaded at anybody, Uh, and beyond. The rest of it is just almost too silly to to mention also, you forgot that I was also accused of being a self loathing black man because of a joke. I told her in a comedy club 27 years ago. The butt of the joke was F. Lee Bailey. And the premise was that F. Lee Bailey was enjoying saying the N word in Open court. These cross examining Mark Furman, a black radio station left out the premise and just had me saying a bunch of racial epithets. And therefore, Larry older is not only the black face of white supremacy who hates women. He also has a self loathing black man who is the white face black face of white supremacy who hates women. Larry The desperation of Your opposition must be encouraging to you because they only really start throwing the kitchen sink of people when there's a real possibility the person might win. Well, that's right. And then, of course, there's been the attack on the recall process itself has been called unconstitutional, even though it's been in the California Constitution for 110 years, and the anger is that I could possibly win with as little as 20% or so of the total amount of votes. But they didn't seem to care about about democracy when they impeach Donald Trump weighs virtually zero Republican support, But all of a sudden, it's not fair for a minority of people to have their way. So Larry. What do you think would be the implications for the California Republican Party if Newsome were to be recalled, because one of the things that we saw is there were some kind of Republican hopes in the aftermath of Gray Davis recall in Schwarzenegger becoming governor, and he, of course, served a couple terms as governor. There was this sort of feeling when that first happened, And maybe this was the comeback for the California Republican Party. And then it turns out that Schwarzenegger presided over what what was almost certainly a massive down slide for the California Republican Party he governed, is essentially a centrist Democrat, as opposed to a Republican and which means the last Real Republican governor that we've had was, in fact, Pete Wilson, and that's been two decades. What would it mean for the Republican Party? And do you think that the Republican Party could spring back into some form of real robust existence? Where your governor I really do what happened with honest fortune. He came out of Hollywood been. He was used to people loving on him. He was a Terminator. And once he began making mild criticisms about the teachers, unions and my criticism about the nurses union, he completely cave and he went to the left. I'm used to people calling me names. I'm used to people calling me an uncle. Talk. I'm not going up there to make friends. I have no illusions. I want to be in court from Day one. But the other thing that happened in my opinion is this because I'm from the inner city because I went to public schools because I can talk to regular people in regular ways. I think I'm gonna improve the brand of the Republican Party. I think people going to find out that I've got common sense, and many of these problems that we're facing could be resolved with common sense, and I think it will improve the Republican brand. But the other big thing will happen is this a lot of people feel that Dianne Feinstein mentally is in worse shape than, uh than Joe Biden? No one's seen her in weeks, if not months. There's a good chance that once I become governor, she may no longer be senator. And as you know, we have a 50 50 split in the Senate and Washington D. C. So this would be a profound policy ship and power shift If I report. In fact, if I appoint Republican successor which I most certainly will do if and when Dianne Feinstein vacated that position I very much look forward to Senator Dennis Prager from the state of California..

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