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It might not be a wonder meaning network. Right. So let's talk about some of this. Tell me about the brown girls guide to politics. broncos got politics. Is the. Third show that we ever made. The host is amazing. Woman Ashanti goal are she's the president of emerge America which snark position that helps progressive women run for. Office. and. She has a blocked by the same name. We met her because we interviewed her for the first season of women blocking the house, which was our first show and she said, you know I've always wanted to make a podcast and like, would you guys do that for me and we said we have money but we love you and will make this for you like maybe we can do a rev share shoes like great. Let's do it. And we're right now planning our fifth season. So we've managed to do for that show Basically entirely full season sponsorships. And so it's been one of our longest running and most profitable shows the audiences ever growing. It has picked up a lot of the momentum that the platforms are. Caring about the black lives matter movement. Since, gotten a lot of attention on the platforms which has been really helpful. It is an interview style show. We are starting to switch up the structure a little bit because. As I said previously like having interview based conversations only. If, the host is not a journalist can be really hard and can get tired and so we're switching. We're going to bring in co host for the next season and we're GONNA have it be a little bit more action oriented leading up to the election Again wondering media network is on partisan not show is partisan for sure. Yeah. We're GONNA take a quick break to hear from our sponsor. ooh. Email marketing channel providing the best or Roi but your team may not have the data you need to truly maximize its effectiveness to achieve your goals. You'll need everest the email success platform from validity with Everest. You'll get normal delivered and keep more customers engaged by increasing inbox.

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