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They probably don't really give a fuck about all this, and, and sometimes, I think it's probably some behind, I think, with his year day, I think the apnea was front him having to stretch time, you know what I'm saying, like, yeah, it is. I mean that's what it is. But it's also this confidence in. I'm going to stretch time as opposed to I'm going to go out here with something to say by, like, I think Regina hall for weather. They changed the format behind the scenes or nine she showed up at every time she was on stage. She had a joke or something to say it never. I felt like she was out there being like, oh my mom, mom. Okay. Hey, hey, how about you audience? Let me say something you, I think the comedians and stuff want to do that live crowd work because they do that stuff on the road. I think they want to be like, I'm gonna just roast the audience as famous people here. But when you're talking about famous people that are at our war show, unless you're willing to be like, kinda scathing right. Most people don't wanna hear your joke, about new doll smokes. We. You know. So it just wasn't that it wasn't like that. And it may be a like you say over the years, you know, they probably listen to the critiques, and it seemed like they actually streamlined, where there was not that much downtown with somebody would have to strip shit. Like you know what I'm saying? Like, no, no. We're going to actually follow this in order, right? So, yeah, my guess, is I don't know, but behind the scenes my guess, would be that Regina hall really was like I need writers any material. I'm not vamping. I want to go out there and I have a gag every time we have a break or something I want to go out there with something to say something to do. And she was so fucking good. So it opened up with Cardi being offset during a performance together. Cardi B was fucking starting in this green wouldn't you know. You know, it's kind of like Biaz AJC, but, you know with them because this lie. Everybody comes McCarty. It's not that also it's not a big deal to me goes, our huge fucking deal. I'm there for Cardi Notting. I'm being. I mean, I'm glad you did you gain. But I I'm here for Cardi. Yes, she such just like undeniable star is it's not even like close. But it was cool like she did a little lap dance on his lap and stuff. And, you know, I guess that's the who a lot of people. It was funny. I saw article on BuzzFeed that was like fifteen pictures of couples at the BT it wasn't, and make you believe in black love or something like that. And they picture was number one, and I was like, I mean, just seem like not that long ago, I was telling me he was emotionally abusive because he cheated on her and stay to leave, and she was in a bad situation, and I don't know. I and I'm glad that I stuck to my guns and I was like, I don't fucking know 'cause they might stay together. Correct. And fucking die together. If it's seventy nine years, I don't know what's going to happen with people. You know, you hope everybody's doing, okay. But I mean that whole relationship is why, you know, so but it was cool to see that performance with school. And then Cardi and then that's one Regina hall came in and they had like a owed to just DC and they play like gogo music. They had a sugar bear from e you and they did the but I heard this on loan time. And, and that's like soup. Oh, I bet, you know, people in the crowd going this James Franck from rare essence was up there. And also, it was crazy, because like Regina hall they had, like a almost like a VISA homecoming entering withdrawals and stuff..

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