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They'll do a road here in a road there to try to get a cheap do story but most of it is going to go for pensions and also to finance illegal aliens which is another reason why there isn't enough money for the pensions or the roads is because there's twenty two billions dollars a year the governments have to spend on illegal aliens while the illegal aliens only bring in a million dollar billion dollars worth of revenue twenty two billion spent only a billion dollars in revenue brought in now the finance director of oroville 'cause you been doraville her name is ruth right she said i don't know how we can operate apparently there's going to be a doubling of pension costs in five years and we're seeing the bankruptcy word here if that happens yet but i love the way steve greenhut put it listen to this this sums it all up it's hard to feel to sorry for these struggling cities de remember when they were warned about the impending disaster if the state legislature passed a 1999 bill promoted by the california public employees retirement system that would retroactively raise pensions across the state by 50 percent do you remember when city managers angrily resisted union backed efforts to raise pensions at their city councils neither do i know when objected river this past everybody voted for you measure that retroactively raise pensions across the state by 50 percent that's what they did 1990s in this whole head now all these slugs or retiring and the cities and the california pension system has to pay them off broke and that was great davis and his spokes bag steve of vaguely ill they were responsible for this atrocity they got it pass through the legislature and davis signed it.

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