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Like eleven years older I. Think he's GonNa go for a different vibe going in this season. I think he's GonNa. Wait hold on usually blew my mind. It's been eleven years since bb eleven. Why that is that not the sign? Maybe I played on DB one one. Now, he's playing on bb to to. Be. Back in DVD's. Through. Prophecy of Kevin Campbell every eleven, years you returns. This time he's going to take all the way. Yeah. I think he has a shot at it will be. Interesting. Interesting. Do Do. We think that is still possible. Taryn that Big Jeff is going to be interviewing anybody. I don't think so. Possible. But I don't think he resurfaced from when he was making a movie on. INSTAGRAM. Post right I wonder like, could this be sort of like where before they go into the house? Is he like it like a football game? Like is he like in the tunnel like doing like it could be part of the two hour premiere. Show? Yeah maybe he's maybe hosting. would be any awkwardness with Kevin. They, they walk in. To be greeted by Big Jeff. He's like Kevin? Remember that. Lie. You told me about Russell Okay Cam anything else that you want to say about Kevin? I. Mentioned earlier. I think Kevin shouldn't change anything. He did I think sometimes when you get an all-star season, you kinda have to change up but I think him I think he played the same late late I. Think you will go far I. Think he's one of those players that he probably knows what he did in like it really is anything got to change like in some of these players like cancer, for instance, denial players got gotta change the most because. Every time they play I think they make critical areas and I think we pay sir. I'm really excited because you know he's playing play this alone. Skies Luna for him. I. I'm not really sure what he'll do. I. Think a journal is someone a cabinet should align with as well. I. Think that's another person that will be good. Number four eggs I don't think she would betray cabinet all. Okay. Is there anything that we didn't say about Kevin? I think I think probably the thing that was his biggest downfall and big brother eleven was his lack of self confidence because I think. His decisions to evict. Michelle over Jordan at the final four was a very, very bad decision for him, but I think that ultimately. Stemmed from the fact that he didn't trust that he could actually win the game against anyone of Jordan and his read on the jury was completely off and the entire season. The richest cup things he said where he was a little too nervous about a lot of things. He was a little too self deprecating at times, and I think that now that he's a bit older, he'll probably have more self-confidence i. think he'll be. Better in that regard and I think just one other thing he needs to improve on slightly I think there not much. But I, think just when he's talking game with people he. In what I saw. He lets a little too much of his own self interest out new lets people know that he's a little too self interested in the game and that he's a little too cutthroat towards the end that he kind of had fully Social Kevin and then fully strategic Kevin by the end and I think he'll be able to be a bit more fluid this time and not just seemed completely different act different points in the game. But other than that, I don't think he really has much needs to change something else. I've noticed on his twitter account is that he recently posted last year a fitness. Exactly what I was GONNA say that. that. He's really in. Much. Better shape. Than I don't really remember exactly what type of shape he was in in bb eleven just being sort of like a skinny guy, but. Yet. Taryn the he's he got ripped. The. And this is this is exactly the kind of fit. That's that's I. think good for Big Brother although again, they've they've gotten even more overtly physical, but being fit is going to be big for competition. So. Much that he should. He needs to put on ten towns to go play big. Sees to cut for the big. Brother. He's Threatening now, he just needs to keep his shirt on and I'll just look like a skinny guy like he's. He's he's shredded. He's not like he's not beefy Okay. All right. But this is. Very. Exciting for a Kevin Prospects here for big brother twenty two. All right. The Big Brother Eleven sequel. All right. Cam, where can people keep up with what you're doing? Anyone. Who doesn't know I got podcast do between two Dibs, podcast GONNA, check it out. You know for people that are of color that are intact that went to learn more about that. Check that out also involved on twitter is carry twenty, one a big. Follow me on facebook same thing campus when he one, if you WANNA talk about big brother, just tech like I'm always around pretty cool in unprofitable. Unprofitable. So definitely out there, all right Cam. Great getting to catch up today Riley. Where can people keep up with what you're doing time on instagram at Riley Howard bursch and on twitter at Riley. Underscore Bursch That's basically where you can find me. Thank you so much for having me on. It's been blast actually getting to be on August, for Archie. Okay. Great to talk to you as well. Riley and Taryn. Countdown is on. It's almost, it's almost time for the lights to come on in the Big Brother House. Ready add. A short amount of time depending on when this releases so. Very excited. It's GonNa. It's going to be interesting hopefully, hopefully, Kevin's there. We didn't just spend in our dog momentum. Hey, we did. It was worth. It was worth it. Yeah. Put put some respect on his name Kevin. Campbell? Okay. All right Taryn and where can people find more, Taryn? you can find me on twitter at Armstrong. Taryn or on twitch twitch,.

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