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Wheel new survey by Cox, automotive the company behind Kelley blue book and auto trader, says people are still apprehensive about self driving, cars especially in the wake of recent deadly crashes involving tesla and Uber to discuss it. More we are joined live on the KCBS, ring central Newsline by Jeff Gilbert reporter at our sister station in. Detroit, WW. Jay thanks for being with us this afternoon Sure thanks. For calling what are the results of this latest survey and how does it compare to previous surveys two years. Ago about a third of, people were saying they would never buy a level five, of fully automated vehicle and they did the, survey again this year and now that's up to fifty percents some of that is just. What you venture Guber crash the tesla accidents, some of that I think is also reality setting in you know. Two, years. Ago people thought of self driving cars Now they're starting to think about the more seriously and wondering about. What can go wrong boy you anticipated by next question, Jeff that was. Written that out right in front of me here isn't, there a, reality factor that, seeping in because as you're right When you start talking about these things conceptually who doesn't wanna drive in car, but now. We're hitting that reality of there are some, downsides to this yeah exactly it's like the, thought of a flying? Carbon you're watching, on the Jetsons when you think of. That, car going above your house in the middle of a thunderstorm we go maybe not so same thing with, the self driving car you're thinking. About what what may go wrong what what could, happen and you know it's come a little closer to reality, now these. Numbers are just a moving target as people learn more, about maybe the safety of self, driving cars maybe more people will embrace them I know a lot of people who, have said, never about things ended up. Doing that never is a long long time and I guess the truth of the matter I mean especially being here in Silicon Valley we got few accidents, compared to the number of accidents, that occur every day with you know human drivers at the, wheel so how do you think it's best to instill the confidence You know the society of automotive, engineers for example is going around the country getting people demonstrations, at this. Technology and it's like anything else people have to get, an accident and it has to, establish a track record I mean you're in San Francisco which is in the heart, of work, General Motors is doing its. Research you may be going past the self driving car everything So as we see, more of these people aren't going to make more of, an opinion they deploy safely and there no problems they think. This is, cool that's great if there's an, accident they could get more nervous are you surprised that there really weren't a lot, of demographic, differences when they looked at, these data, around all this the even the younger folks were concerned about, some of these issues but. If you take a really deep dive into it you see that there is. More concern, among baby boomers millennials, I mean there's concern all across the board but if you take a. Look at some of the statistics and they're not. Readily The difference between baby boomers and millennials millennials. Are a, little more eager to adopted but, even they're starting to have a few questions did they break it down by geography You know what was really funny is they did, break it, down by geography and there wasn't that, much of a difference. Geographically it's pretty much spread across the country there is some eagerness, on people on the part of you know getting rid of the mundane commuting tours but there also services. Do you see a tipping point in the that in other words we're all going to sort of sit on the sidelines. And sort of point and say this and that and then all of a sudden it's just going to happen in. Sort of just taking this part of our new, world you see that tipping point a little bit further in the future than most people do mean next couple of years we're going to see some of, these robotic taxis but nobody. Can tell you when you would I ever going. To be able to go to art, dealer and buy a car that will. Completely drive itself so we can totally disengaged so there's. Still a lot of. Questions out there so there will be a tipping point but. It's not like down the road it's going, to be probably a decade or more future thank, you so much we've been joined on KCBS. Ring central Newsline by Jeff Gilbert he's a reporter at. Our sister station w.. W j in Detroit Facebook's, has the business money news. Update he checks in from the KCBS super micro Intel muddy desk You're talking Cisco Cisco. Was cheered by. Investors after reporting its, third straight quarterly revenue, increase, of six percent to twelve point eight billion dollars the San Jose firms biggest business infrastructure platforms rose seven percent while the strongest rate of growth was insecurity software CEO Chuck Robbins told the earnings call that he's increasingly concerned about the trade, war between the US and China with, a third, round of proposed US tariffs covering switches and routers which would impact Cisco WalMart's revenue rose three point eight percent to, one hundred twenty eight billion dollars in the second quarter with its Sam's Club stores blowing away expectations the nation's biggest brick and. Mortar chain enjoyed its fastest rate of sales over a decade while offering a strong forecast going forward CEO Doug McMillan says WalMart is aggressively rolling. Out grocery pickup and delivery in. The US as well as expanding online options in Canada and Mexico. WalMart was up nine percent today Cisco up by three percent of big help for the Dow rose three hundred ninety. Six points to twenty five thousand five hundred fifty, eight NASDAQ Up thirty two points at seventy eight oh six as a p...

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