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The shooting. The gunman also died one of those lost was a sheriff's sergeant who intended to retire a year from now he was on a phone call with his wife, right before and veterans screen court Justice, Ruth, Bader Ginsburg, recovering after falling in her office last night. She was hospitalized this morning with three fractured ribs. Apparently she fell yesterday felt uncomfortable overnight and went to the hospital this morning for observation trying to get along with others win. Talking politics is getting harder for what it's worth, I'm Cheri Preston. Hey, here's a newsflash. We just don't get along when it comes to talking politics. Seriously. According to a new poll from the Pew Research Center. Even more Americans say find it stressful to have a conversation with someone who has different political view than they do even more stressful than it was two years ago. More than half of us. Fifty three percent described as stressful discuss politics, but those on the opposite side, and here's another take away when asked about talking politics again with those they disagree with nearly two thirds of Americans say at the end of the conversation, they find they have less in common than they thought as you might expect those in the polar opposite ends of the spectrum. I thought I was stressed out. The most conservative Republicans the most Liberal Democrats, they're the least likely to find anything interesting or informative and the other side's opinions. We could go on we could tell you more as you plan who should sit where for the fewest fights over thanksgiving dinner, but really what has helped at what point are we going to figure this out and begin to talk to one another again for what it's worth, Cheri Preston. ABC news a week after a massive walkout of its employees. Google says they're changing how it handles sexual misconduct cases. Google CEO soon DARPA CHAI, sending an Email Thursday to employ. Apologizing for the way the company has handled cases of sexual misconduct and promising change the company says it's dropping mandatory arbitration of sexual misconduct cases. It will also provide more details about sexual misconduct allegations in internal reports made available to all employees. Those reports will include the number of cases reported as well as a list of the types of punishment imposed including firings. Pay cuts mandated counselling, Mark Remillard, ABC news in a letter to his now, former colleagues at department of Justice, former attorney general Jeff Sessions praised their work and called it the most fundamental and sacred task of government ABC's, Emily row reports from Washington as he left the department of Justice for the final time Wednesday more than one hundred staffers applauding former attorney general Jeff Sessions. And in a letter addressed to DOJ employees sessions returning praise calling the agency the top litigator on behalf of the American people Matt Whitaker now takes the reins as acting. Attorney general Whitaker has publicly criticized the Mueller investigation. Emily row. ABC news, Washington New York prosecutor declined today to charge the state's former attorney general who left office after being accused of abusing women ABC's. Aaron Katersky has more. Eric Schneiderman had been accused by several women of physical abuse and Nassau County district. Attorney battle in singers. Who was put in charge of the investigation said she believes them. However, she said legal impediments, including statutes of limitations preclude criminal prosecution. Schneiderman a democrat who became an aggressive check on President Trump resigned after the allegations surfaced voters, Tuesday elected Latisha, James the first black woman to hold the office of state attorney general again ABC's Aaron Katersky, diplomacy grinds forward on the Korean peninsula. The US defense posture. Looks little changed on the ground more from ABC's. Tom rivers under the backdrop of the slow unfolding diplomatic dance. A new general is taken up command of U S forces in Korea Robert Abrams conditions. Said. Have ever been pursue.

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