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I'm starting to think that the best marketers of libertarian ideas aren't even explicit libertarian sleigh agreed i i think that you know matt stone and trey parker have done so much more for libertarianism than people give him credit for i think that um you know star wars has done as well i think fateh advocates for uber who were you know blue dog democrats and just independence who were trying to you that are the same i mean i think that when you take things issue by issue but you also engaged the culture when it's not explicit when something that people like they enjoy their passionate about it they they take you know they they take it to heart a little bit more and i feel that the problem of libertarian messaging which is one of my hang ups with the libertarian positively caucuses these ideas should sell themselves are we kind of wasting our time by just trying to make it feel a little less adversarial sometimes but the thing is that any business could say that about their product every product should sell itself but at the end of the day that's not reality of the realities for any product you have to go on fell it i mean theoretically betamax was supposed to be better than vhs but dhs ended up winning out because they sold had better mets and that's important communication is just as important the free markets as anything else like i always here like socialists say is like oh well free markets are inefficient because you have all this competitions we of redundancy between companies and on top of their wasting all this money on marketing but i'm like no because by businesses competing with each other and them spending money on marketing their learning how to communicate value better.

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