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The that that that you know that it is a fact that there's little there were tv and radio for that matter our brain at the will of the government to a certain extent do we knapp of absolutely yeah i mean broad it we got to differentiate now brought or table only right you know broadcasters but yeah all all stations are licensed by the government right there a lot matching assault had that edition is clever it would be put met both for sure they what he didn't take a backward step today though the dry barry and they love the right in there and so did his press secretary it's going to be fun really as i'm excited about thanks for the call stood up with your roster gentleman we appreciate you thank you sir wayne in india wayne you're up it is a a dollar if i went a oh my question as well if you say we're story where john mccain kelly contributed to this of course we've been reporting and all that he then he's the guy that is the that apparently that delivered the toss here to the fb_i actually does yeah throwing the ball with some both through the some of but i made if and he was a and trump quarter now gonna figure birdman is future in the third well you know jum again listen his american here all these amazing what what what he did in in the peeled no in the not not run on his on his go divisions not and stemming that when some point somehow and that's not way this is an so when it's always tough with john mccain because it's such a contradiction yeah they'll as as that may well of thing i mean okay he's a year roll i did not the spurs netminder down wait how well i mean you the republican then of this far you get one the president to and although he's doing everything we can yes is this is a this is like the whole deal because you are joe american hero you work for american of why do on that that's very jealous of donald trump okay he did that absolutely did not get elected they ran a very port.

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