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Watch the network there were simulcast on noon to one, it's a one hour special are show, our live show that happened at the Gramercy last month. Have you heard of the movie primal, that's coming out in twenty twenty who's in it nNcholas cage? Okay. Who else fame Cajun's, wealth doesn't matter. Okay. So run out of names really clear, here's the plot. A big game hunter for zoos, who is booked passage on Greek shipping, freighter with a fresh hall of exotic and deadly animals from the Amazon, including a rare white Jaguar, along with political assassin who also happens to be on this ship who's being extradited to the US in secret. All right. Two days into the journey the assassin escapes, and releases all the captive animals throwing the ship into chaos there, like in the middle like knows Noah's ark from hell with all these Amazonian Amel animals. It's snakes plane onto both with nNcholas cage with nNcholas cage, who is just so happens to be the big game hunter, who has specific set of skills that you need in the scenario this his last cut out. This is last score. That would be fun. This is not because he's got seventeen projects all impose. No, no, no. I mean I mean his character last gorlic. Okay. One last trip, I'm gonna go get these animals. We just wanted to see him. Yeah. I'm out of the game. This is a classic yet. But I am so excited for primal, which he is. Impose production and it's one of just one two, three four five six seven eight nine ten films, interim post-production attached to does he still have these tax problems, because that's why he's making all these movies, right? Another divorce. Oh, yes. Right. Divorce loss. Have we go out to Tyler who's a Selena Gomez fan Tyler you're on the air? Hey tyler. Go ahead talk your moment. Tyler why is it? Can.

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