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They won that one, though, but they're not better. In that same thing with leagues. I agree. I'll finish I'll finish this thing up with this thing. Last 5 minutes Michigan state duke game. Was the best 5 minutes in terms of championship DNA. I've seen from do call season. 5 minutes of active alert defense contesting shots contesting passes, forcing turnovers, imposing their length of athleticism on a game. And 5 minutes of Jeremy roach's speed was an impact in the game and then power bank care. He made two plays where he just absolutely bullied his way to the basket. And they were to meet tone centers. I thought that last 5 minutes and I know, you know, coach Kate talked about it after the game that was proud of his team. That last 5 minutes was the closest I've seen duke in a moment, say, be championship tough if that makes any sense. And championship ready to compete. Now they don't have an easy road, but I thought that was a that was the best 5 minutes of winning late game winning basketball playing through who they had to play through and doing what they have to do defensively. I thought that and not settling. I thought that was the best 5 minutes they played closing out a game this year. I thought duke was excellent in that game. And your point about Jeremy roach is well taken. I had 15 points, but what duke really did was they got into the lane. And dominated the paint. I mean, I think it was 44, 28 in pain points. And they were excellent. And it was as good a, but you know, they've made a couple of lineup changes. Jeremy roach is starting now, a place of Trevor peels. You know, they all get starters minutes, I think coach case says. But I think Mark Williams is such a key to that team. And only the teams that can pull him away from the basket and put him into ball screen situations and get him out on the floor and make them rotate a little bit. They're the only ones that are going to win. And Texas tech, they'll be able to guard duke, and they'll make it physical and it'll be a brawl, but 54 points ain't going to be due. They're going to have to score more. Yeah. The thing I mentioned in.

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