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Hey i'm daring in harbin in here are three stories you need to know about today as of sunday evening hurricane erma continued its trail of destruction in south florida where it made landfall on sunday around nine am eastern standard time it made its second landfall on marco island that's off the south coast of florida around three pm eastern standard time by the time hurricane erma was downgraded to a category three the storm surge was already flooding parts of miami at least twenty seven fatalities have been reported as of sunday in more than one point sixty nine million people are now without power in florida we'll be tracking updates as they come and you can check our twitter of for the latest this summer senator john mccain told us that he had an aggressive form of brain cancer in this sunday he gave us an update in said his prognosis is pretty good he told cnn's jake tapper that he'll be getting an mri on monday to see how well his treatment has worked but so far all indications or a very good but again i'm not trying to paint the social rules rosy picture this was a very vera lynn form of cancer this is also a big week for former presidential candidate hillary clinton her new book about the two thousand sixteen election what happened comes out tomorrow and if you're curious about how clinton has been doing since losing the election to donald trump not much has changed she spoke to cbs's jane poly led into a frenzy of closet cleaning law hawks and doves and playing with my dogs end of joe my share of chardonnay i was just.

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