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You've been up to of for people that aren't familiar with congressman gobert said it's going to be such a treat what did you say with he said it's going to frighten people or something you know obscure a of people but but you know committees well you know i've got enough years seniority the uh chairmanships outta be happening now but in order to be a chairman of anything you have to be what's known as a team player translation you have to raise a ton of money and you have to do what you're told in never raise any questions about what we're doing and not you should never ever pointed out there were not doing what we promised in that kind of thing zodiac to become a liberal and you don't want to an well i have not and so as a result at times when you know like recently in line to be the next chairman i knew when i started down this road he you know the at thought when i got congress you know at some point i will maybe speakers gives have karnam ended up be in in some kind of leadership position about everything overdone but early on when i started seeing people not keeping our promises in leadership i realize if i stand up and call this down then i'm not going to be on the track to be a leader in so you really that choice at some point in congress am i going to be a chairman or elected to anything by a mob peers or am i gonna stand up.

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