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That was being an essence just slept on well i guess i'm slightly frustrated about my father remarrying you notice a load of crap and we'll come on that psychobabble fall prey to at brendan okay what does that mean though to always saying i was saying i guess i'm slightly frustrated about my father remarrying the the woman's marrying though and that formed the basis with samana may for the original adults block which at that time was just on sunday nights with thirsty replay so adult swim was just by chance a natural out ruth of the hanna barbera cartoon the ted turner had acquired started kids programming network and a bit of creativity on the part of mike and his team and the approach stayed that way things were always done on a tight budget i told mike while we were talking that i always loved the early bumpers that they did for adults with a bunch of mature ladies in a swimming pool get hurt come any told me one person just went to a retirement home one day and shot six hours of footage and then they could just recut that for nothing and it became part of the brand style it was immediately apparent that there is an audience that was really eager for this unique programming block well right outta the gate it was tying what let's say comedy central was doing at that time so we were amazed that just really the first month we already were meeting the ratings of what.

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