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As far as it goes there were rules that should have stopped that happening why didn't the rules work what i have fans since i have looked at the system is that there is a lack of clarity the guidance that that exists around all of this is horribly confusing and inconsistent there is a lack of regulatory enforcement so people can get away with things the level of prescription that exists in the guidance gets used by the industry to game the system and what i mean by that is if the guidance doesn't say you can't do it then they assume that it can be which which is an example of where they don't take responsibility and don't think for themselves what i believe they have a moral obligation to do which is to build safe buildings for people to live in i have been astounded at the lack of responsibility and the lack of care for the people who will us and live in those buildings that i've seen demonstrated by those who ought to be taking that responsibility the new regulatory regime i'm putting in place will ensure that those people do take that responsibility and that the hell to account by a better regulatory system than we have now with proper enforcement and proper sanctions you really coming for some criticism because what you've not done is ban that inflammable cutting completely i haven't said it should never be used why not i've read the regulations i've read the guidance it's already very clear that to clad a high rise building you should only use materials of limited combustible ity or materials that have been fully tested anyone who's tried to fully test a system containing combustible materials as far as i'm aware has not got through that test process so given that's already in place how did we end up with materials on buildings that day.

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