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Bomani Jones will disagree with STAN Van Gundy about the greatness of the movie hoosiers. But before we do that we do this every week during the basketball season. Stan Van Gundy, welcome back came Knicks. We've missed you STAN Van Gundy is going to give you his hot basketball nuggets in your face. And now time to stay van Gundy's, top NBA nuggets, owning Durst show. The thing. There are a theme this week stand just the NBA finals, Dan. All right. I mean he's used up most of his good stuff today on the show, he's come with fire again. And again, so, honestly, what is he going to say it's actually about the Memphis grizzlies. So the number three best nugget of the week, according to STAN Van Gundy is if Toronto can win tonight. They will become the first team to win three road games in the final since the Lakers in two thousand and one but with both teams already having one to away games in the series. We are assured that we will have only the third team in fifty years to win two road games but still lose the finals the last being Phoenix twenty six years ago man. Good nugget, and dropping bombs third-best one. All right. The second best nugget is the magnitude of Golden State's loss of Kevin Durant cannot be overstated to rant is one of only four players to have averaged over thirty points per game in his NBA finals career playing. Over ten games, and he has been by far the most efficient of the great scorers. The gold standard for shooting his fifty forty nine hundred fifty percent from the floor forty percent from three and ninety percent from the free throw line team in the final. Hey d- has shot fifty five forty five and ninety one..

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