Barack Obama, President Trump, Hillary Clinton discussed on The Glenn Beck Show


I believe in these principles i believe in these principles i believe in these principles they got to a point where those principles didn't mean squat to anyone and so they were like you know what i can stand here with my principles and and have my family my job of my country completely transformed or i can say you know fight fire with fire and that's what's happened and if you want to change things you better start pumping out water not fire and the first water well as the water of repentance if i may say brothers and sisters water of forgiveness just stand up somebody on the left and say you know what i i get it i see it i see it i may not even agree with it but i see it i see what the center of the country is saying i get it a man here in bible country now well now i am not bible i'm sorry in the bible buddies five hundred years the bible county as louis farrakhan are not lewisburg jeremiah rare my right said the way glenn the clips that we played a montage of some of the classic hits louis farrakhan yet though is that what's happening in two thousand eight when barack obama was running for president by the way together similar montage right in it was not the right that was doing it it was the clinton campaign um so let's start there because we have a clip this is of the democratic primary debates between barack obama and hillary clinton as a difference between denouncing and rejecting acting when it comes to this sort of now in inflammatory i have no doubt that everything that brought said is absolutely sincere but i just think we've got to be even stronger we cannot let anyone in any way say these things because of the implications that they have which can be so farreaching july i don't see the difference between denouncing and rejecting there's knows tom formal offer stop if you remember right um uh he wouldn't denounce jeremiah wright at first he wouldn't now who is a friend believe would announce his own grandmother my own grandmother he would not denounce but when he finally.

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