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Center's can help with over fifteen Washington locations. Call one eight hundred info fix for one near you. Fix auto the first words I should come to mind after an accident your next KOMO traffic at one fifty four. Komo forecast is very sunny for the weekend and not too hot. Either mid seventies for Saturday and Sunday as well as probably Monday and Tuesday of next week, we'll have a little bit of sunshine. Staying with us for this afternoon before a little bit of cloud. Cover comes in tonight. Staying with us tomorrow morning before it burns off by about lunchtime or so, on Saturday, very similar to what we saw today if not just a little bit warmer right now in Seattle, it, sixty eight degrees and mostly clear at KOMO news. Stay connected. Stay informed. Seattle's only twenty four hour news station, KOMO news, one thousand FM ninety seven seven. Jeremy grater is our editor this afternoon. I'm Taylor van Cise headlines following today. Police are still working to determine a motive in the shooting of baseball star David Ortiz to people in prison. In the Dominican Republic have been questioned in connection with the shooting last Sunday. At least a dozen have been implicated. Authorities are looking into whether or not the attack on Ortiz was plotted perhaps in jail and tesla CEO Elon Musk announcing at the three video game expo in Los Angeles that the electric luxury cars will soon be getting video games that use the car steering wheel and pedals as controllers eight didn't say, win those games would be available tests. The previously announced that the popular running gun. Video game Cup head would be added all three games under consideration should be available for test the models with an over the air software update. Musk emphasizing the cars have to be in park in order to play those games on the in car systems the.

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