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Congo chris the session began january the third 2017 which means we're now approaching on on saturday july twenty second which was a yesterday was the two other day little to nothing has been accomplished in spite of congress being controlled by the same parties the president which is my press one i wanna get your reaction sexlines obunsha's open them up for you eight six six six four seven seven three three seven eight six six six four seven seven three three seven can you sense my frustration at the two hundred day mark promises made promises not delivered promises made by in mccoy colonel promises not delivered the democrats i can understand democrats i don't like democrats the welfare rights party i get that but republicans supposedly represent the functional part of our country the eighty percent who pay the bills go to church go to synagogue go to mosque they do things every day a a take care of the family's care for their kids many are sandwich individuals who care for their parents and care for their kids and their grandkids were the ones who make the country worked eighty percent of us and we elected a certain kind of philosophers the to take control of the united states government we're not even close to getting what they promised they would do it has fate in switch not much different than what obama baited and switched with jonathan gruber we were gruber by obama now were being ryan eyes and we're being mcconnell izd by the republicans in congress who promised the significant things were to happen and it is not occurred let's continue fullon becomes available should never does eight six six six four seven seven three three seven billy cunningham the great american urinated off live with you every.

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