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Fox Sports radio January first twenty twenty are you a Sam trying to get like this morning no I'm not gonna hang in there it is rob Parker will Blackmon for dead and the dead that and yeah this news out there everywhere we're here live yeah I got I may you know what I almost forgot we got a very some percent go ban all us was very very nice a new year definitely looking forward to twenty twenty I I'm I'm very excited me and I made some power moves in the broadcast world big star big time yes so is it is it what you thought it was you really like it do you know what I mean yeah I enjoyed it I feel like I've always we talked a little about the you mentioned about but may I thought the bells and if I always interviewed well right you know I've I've I found out as a player that when the microphone was it was it was my chance to tell the narrator to tell the story to explain really what happened you know even if I had a horrible day see I got be for like to touch on what actually happened on my own this is what I saw this is what happened so now I gave I gave you inside of the house as well as like okay that makes sense it was fair and then you know what as a guy who's been doing this for our hold on to your bonnets thirty four years I started covering the NFL in nineteen eighty six can you believe that nineteen eighty six when I called why thirty five Robb and I got thirty four years of being in the business and you don't cover the giants team that won I would large Taylor said that with bill Parcells I was in New York for that and I'm I'm just to see like where players autos always some good players who got inside it could tell you about stuff and then there's other guys who you want up like like they they gave you nothing like they had no insight to anything and they were great players they just couldn't articulate the game or tell you what was going on but the big news of course is run repair officially taken a job in DC five year contract and all Jack del Rio is he's the defensive coordinator also that's a done deal and they're going to go to the of four three so that's the other thing but up there couple other teams in and I told I told you I'm not that big one Daniel Schneider what he's done to twenty years he's all the red skins well let's switch over to the Dallas Cowboys and Jerry Jones Jerry Dana division yeah Jerry Jones is another one of those guys who's a hands on more higher with GM he says everything comes through me any way so he doesn't need to GM there's only one problem since Jimmy Johnson layout and I know Barry Switzer one with Jimmy player that one year after that he's still he's still had to get it done right it did yeah but since then they won four playoff games in the last twenty five years twenty five years that's how bad it's been and now here we are Jason Garrett be fired is like the elephant in the room everybody just to sold okay there was talk that the cowboys are gonna make a run to the Superbowl they even make the playoffs they lost to a depleted of beat up a battered eagles team in the biggest game of the year that could have sealed the division for them right totally they don't even score a touchdown in that game I don't know how you can you can be then you have the number one total offense and don't make the playoffs that's that's wild to me you know why because they think they piled up the numbers it gets a lot of bad see exactly when they start to think about this they started three NO one four and one I didn't make the playoffs how often does that happen is very rare very very rare but it's not what they had to play the better team they didn't win but anyway speaking of all Jerry Jones I believe the reason they have been fired Jason Garrett is they're looking for landing spot for him and I will that's exactly what I was just gonna say Dave going to make it all know he's being promoted and moved up stay a day he has this relationship I know Jason Garrett played there he has an affinity formalize a saw and he does not want to embarrass him or his family and this is the problem when you want an organization like a mom and pop straight when you're related to everybody everybody sure you can't do business like that it's very difficult I I've I've you know actuator Jaguars had let's say that you might have the only Jaguars had I just I just might but I remember when I was in Jacksonville when coach Gus Bradley was was the guy in everyone who we hired you were as well somebody close them was was a friend and and that's it's like his double edged sword like he was very very low to his friends and I learned is business you have to hire good coaches period you can just always are your best friends because sometimes they might just take advantage they might get really comfortable right and Hey you know I'm not going anywhere he won't fire me that's my boy right so I'm just I'm a do whatever I need to do because I don't have that stress and anxiety anything hover over me where I need to do my job the right way or else that's it for me and and that it that is tough when you when you get emotional when things happen like that you know if they're going to be close to a lease let them be one of the best coaches here's the here's a stat that we can't rob G. R. producer rob Jedediah up the here's the one that that told all you need to know about Jason Garrett one in Dallas all all all the four major sports any coach that stuck around for ten years all had one thing except for the separate Jason Garrett what was that of been to the championship game no wonder channel wanted him his last for ten years he is the only god who was right rob Gee is that what is true Tomlin once you know what I mean everybody's been around for more than ten years I'm often would talk about every sport but every every sport they at least one a championship if you had a ten year run for him to have a ten year run would cowboys to Mister plow seven out of ten Tom without a championship it's not like he wanted championship midway and you know you get that I hang over at the even but it had even been to the conference championship game all right yeah all they have done anything he's the only god and I think the reason that Jerry feels that way is chasing Garrett allow Jerry to be the coach has to take right one of all the bad stuff because chasing Gary got all the blame even though Jerry probably at his hands and everything is everything you see that there's a documentary called all or nothing right and I have one feature the cowboys in my eyes opened up when they had ugh you know their personnel mean is on their team meetings after game and yes you have all the coaches they're usually coaches they talk about whatever the fix and Jerry was in there yes Jerry has a right to be in there don't I get it no but he ran the meeting and I look and I saw you know Jason garrison back what is almost full that he can say anything so Jerry ran the whole thing about what we need to do for next week's game how to be prepared this this is what it's all about the call right he was a coach and ran everything and then when the when the meeting's over than chase and dismissed everybody and that's hard and and and it's the same thing this is why I don't believe the cowboys win a championship as long as Jerry is Jerry and I don't believe we'll ever back down I don't think you'll ever hire a coach will stand up to him they all left right may left bill Parcells exactly and then what you get you **** Kay now you got all of who you hire or just forget the guy's name he tied up all these all we coaches Dave all combo remember that wow she wasn't sure get gaily did yeah well was there Jane jam was there do you know what I mean like god to just like like gave it to him bill Parcells one that god so that thing was going to work out and and I just I don't see him hiring a coach to keep talking about somebody's big names here we all Gaza being interviewed and going around and the cowboys don't even a mixture he claims like well he he's acting like big they're coming off of winning three out of four super bowls and their prime job no no it's not that way and I know look at the roster the right here is the championship rob their loss Dodi I agree that they look at on paper and go wow well I got a lot of potential there but if you're not going to be able to coach it the way you want to it's not a championship roster that's that's my problem right when you when you have the talent to roster in you the coach needs to add thing so we need to add okay we need leadership around the whole building right we need chemistry around the whole build and we need to of a place where everyone hold each other accountable an entire building you have a roster like that then you under achieve like you don't you make the playoffs that's tough note no doubt and here's the other thing I'm I'm gonna say now let's go to the house looms in Cleveland some people were knocking them that they were in John Dorsey out of town I guess it was a mutual agreement to part ways he had two years left on his contract he got fired okay well I'm not do but what were you going you we parted ways no he deserves to be let go because he made the big mistake again talented roster people went crazy TV network executives they want to put the Browns on every other week right data new hotness all the brown one seven games last year they're going to the Superbowl there when in the AFC north Ave could every commercial makers in every commercial and flip flip flip there's break a right all they got all B. J. from New York Mugdha Godse a stylish he's not even a cold he did all the work commercial do that everywhere right they got everything will watch he won't want what believable so I'm saying to myself daily goals and I'll talk about John Dorsey and he can't get any of the big coach of the call for an interview because they did told ahead of time.

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