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Would build Hammer and Dana Farina Harris Faulkner will now host the Foster focus at 11 A.m., then joined outnumbered at noon, plus a new show America Report. Cassandra Smith and John Roberts at one PM the story with Martha MacCallum slides earlier, 3 P.m.. It's a New year new line up on the Fox News Channel. America's listening to Fox News. News Radio K O B. J I'm John Cooley. This music Service of Associated Supply Company incorporated just celebrate Martin Luther King Day. Houston Tillerson University hosted a socially distance celebration this morning, where Austin's mayor Steve other called for the advancement of social issues in homelessness, policing and opportunity. That our community reconcile its past deliberate policies with the disparities that exist this year. Let our community atone for the systems and the city's complicity in today's outcomes. At the calls on the city to not just talk, but act on the issues in Austin, Only one county within the five county metro area has not received a new shipment of Corona virus vaccines this week, and that's Caldwell County. Travis County has nearly 15,000 new doses, and between Williamson, Hayes and Bastard County's An additional 10,000 and 800 are available. Drivers. County health officials do remind that you are allowed to get a covert vaccine in a county in which you do not live in manner. I Asti officials say classes will be held at 100% online starting tomorrow for students of Presidential Meadows Elementary and Maynor Senior High School District says due to cope it concerns both schools will continue to be held online only until the beginning of next month. Hey, LBJ News Time is 503 now looking Austin's on time Traffic.

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