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So how those contracts are structured is really important and people and I try to make that interesting to people I it is certainly it'll be easily apparent to them that it's, it's very important. But I say, here's you know, if you ever wonder the whole book is like that it'd be ever wanted. How you buy a fighter jet. Have you ever wondered how you buy an aircraft carrier? Have you ever wondered how you ship stuff to Afghanistan or build two hundred and fifty eight basis in Afghanistan in one summer, which is what I did in twenty ten. How does all this stuff get done? We talk about all the politics of it in the geopolitics of it, but down in the engine room where I was for a substantial part of my career. How how has all this stuff get done? I think curious people and leaders CEO's future leaders, future soldiers young people future. Technol-. Logist will all find that interesting. How does this place? Really work before we go. I just have to ask you ask, what was the coolest part of being secdef was at working at General, John blackjack, Pershing's desk, or flying around in the defense secretaries playing e four b it's, it's easy answer. It's the troops. You gotta stand in a desert with these kids and talk to them. Tell them why you're proud of them why they're doing something that is an absolutely essential and just look in their eyes. And then if you get a chance and you go to their home base, talk to mom talk today. Talk to young spouse, it really lifts you up. That's the best part of the job. I you know all the hardware and, you know, the theaters of war and situation room in the White House, and all that's kind of interesting, but the troops are really what keep you going. Yeah, but being able to sit at general Pershing's desk is still pretty cool that ain't bad. Yeah. That's a very big desk since a history at the very least place. Looks the same as it did. I have a picture of the book of Robert McNamara sitting there during the job administration. Well, the same desk, same table. Same chairs longtime. Well, again, the book is called inside the five sided box lessons from a lifetime of leadership and the Pentagon Ashkar. Thanks for talking with me. Thanks for having me Ben enjoyed it. Thanks again, to ash Carter for coming on the podcast or his new book inside the five sided box lessons from a lifetime of leadership in the Pentagon on Amazon audible, or wherever books are sold. Be sure to subscribe to kick ass news on apple podcasts if you haven't already. And if you like what you're hearing, then rate and review us while

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