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The help with the childcare expenses where's anything to support families what kind of family values that we get from this government no wonder we're not getting any kind of rising wages all right so that's one thing now again i got thank the la times wanna thank the la times more seniors eighty five and up are working now that could be by choice that could be by choice but this is the la times overall two hundred and fifty five thousand americans to under fifty five thousand americans eighty five or older were working over the last twelve months that's four point four percent of americans of that age up from two point six percent in two thousand and six now when you've got people eighty five years of age working is that really is that is that is that your culture heritage is that your that's not my culture and heritage not my culture and anti aren't the top line so we have we have wealth and income inequality rampant in this nation because our politics have made it that way and if we want to change it we've got to surge into the system and you know the rest all right here you go to one hundred thirteen thousand jobs in june but notice the number of longterm unemployed those jobless for twenty seven weeks or more rain half a year or more the law the number of longterm unemployed increased by two hundred eighty nine thousand in june two one point five million people those one point five million people accounted for twenty three percent of the unemployed we have a massive problem in this nation with longterm unemployed and we're not helping them the number of persons this is again from the department of labor here it is you're on the norm cam department of labor bureau labor statistics the number of persons employed part time for economic reasons sometimes referred to as involuntary parttime workers was little changed in june at four point seven million people can't we do something for these people why is it that the united states government says you're on your own why is that the official policy states government you're on your own we're busy working for exxon an ibm what is this all about all right how about obamacare obamacare i was jobs killer employment in health care went up by twenty five thousand jobs in june obamacare there's your obamacare employment and healthcare rose twenty five thousand in june and has increased by three hundred nine thousand over the last year with the republicans trying to kill it miming appointment this should make this you make joe manchin very happy out in west virginia i hear you gonna mining employment continued an upward trend in june plus five thousand jobs the industry has added ninety five thousand jobs since a recent low point in october two thousand sixteen almost entirely and support activities for mining and when i hear that i hear.

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