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Our discussion tonight neil thanks very much for joining us i'd like to begin by asking you will you seem to think we are living in the curse of interesting times very much and this is really one of the great water sheds in history now you're training has to go against that and to look out for people who say this is so important what led you to such a important conclusion i was kinda shocked when i go to stanford which is nearly a year and a half ago and had my first up close and personal encounters with silicon valley to find that most people there thought history began with the google ipo and everything before that was the stoneage about which nothing of interest could be said and said of my motive in writing this book was as eric schmitt push it to teach silicon valley a history lesson and in particular to show this that social networks hadn't been invented by mark zuckerberg that in fact one could understand all of human history using this framework of of tension and interaction between hierarchies and a networks towers and squares i think the key way of understanding the present which is far more effective ban abstract mathematical models is by analogy what is this like and that's the question that i go through life asking what is our time mike because when you hear on the news that something is unprecedented and you can hear that more or less nightly what that means.

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